Eliminated, see how much Vasco failed to earn in the Copa do Brasil

Eliminated, see how much Vasco failed to earn in the Copa do Brasil

Vasco was eliminated from the Copa do Brasil for ABC this Thursday (16), on penalties. As a result, the club failed to earn a millionaire award.


After the draw in normal time, Vasco wasted two charges and ended up eliminated for ABC at home.

With the fall, Vasco stops winning R$ 2.1 million in prize money.

The club had already added R$ 1.4 million in the first phase and R$ 1.7 million in the second. If it had passed, it would already add up to R$ 5.3 million.

Pedro Raul and Orellano wasted their kicks. The other players converted.


Those responsible for the missed charges were the two most expensive reinforcements hired for 2023. The Brazilian striker had the chance to classify Vasco and the Argentine isolated the last beat.

Pedro Raul cost 2 million dollars (about R$ 10.5 million) to the cruzmaltino team. The amount was paid in cash to Kashiwa Reysol, from Japan.

Orellano was bought for 4 million dollars (about R$ 20.7 million). This value referred to 60% of it and there is the possibility of SAF buying another 25% in case of goals reached 2 million dollars (R$ 10.5 million).

Not even reaching the semifinals, however, Cruz-Maltino would manage to reach the total amount paid by the two players. The sum in this case would be R$ 21.8 million.

The champion of the Copa do Brasil will receive R$ 70 million and the runner-up will receive R$ 30 million.


Vasco closed with 13 players for the current season, between loans and purchases.

The club has already surpassed the BRL 100 million invested for 2023. This was the first year with SAF since the beginning.

Some cases, such as Jair, Léo, Lucas Piton and Léo Jardim, were paid in installments. Pedro Raul was one of the few that the club paid in cash.

The signings of the season were: Pedro Raul, De Lucca, Léo, Lucas Piton, Robson Bambu, Pumita, Jair, Orellano, Ivan, Léo Jardim, Capasso, Paulo Henrique and Andrey.

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