Dorival Júnior expects “great response” from Brazil against England – News of Brazil

Dorival Júnior expects “great response” from Brazil against England – News of Brazil


On the eve of his first match in charge of the Brazilian football team, coach Dorival Júnior opened the game about the fans’ expectations of once again being enchanted by hopscotch. Brazil’s friendly match this Saturday (23) against England, at 4pm (Brasília time), at Wembley Stadium, in London, will be quite a challenge for Dorival, who took charge of the team just over two months ago.

“Whenever the team is on the field, it will generate higher than normal expectations for our fans, it is a fact that we have to live with. We had a slightly complicated year. Maybe we have that heritage right now,” admitted the coach, referring to 2023, in which the team finished sixth in the World Cup Qualifiers.

After four games without winning, the team will face the current number 3 in the world in the FIFA rankings this Saturday: England is behind leaders Argentina and France, in second place. The coach is realistic about the disparity, but believes in the Brazilian team’s evolution over time.

“Today England occupies a prominent position, which comes with consolidated work, which finds alternatives. Brazil is the opposite, it needs to find this confidence and the same balance. This doesn’t happen overnight, there is no magic in football. However, we have enough quality and capacity to understand what the game asks of us. We have highly offensive players, of a very high level. I think the essence of Brazilian football has always been to organize itself to be able to attack safely. I believe that is everything we are looking for.”

The expectation is that the team will start playing this Saturday with Bento, Danilo, Fabrício Bruno, Lucas Beraldo and Wendell; João Gomes, Bruno Guimarães and Lucas Paquetá; Vini Jr, Rodrygo and Raphinha. The coach clarified what criteria he will adopt to select the starting team.

“I tried to evaluate it based on a single condition: merit. And I was positively surprised by the conditions of everyone called up. Everyone who came here gave us a very positive response. Logically, a young team, assembled practically in the last 10 days, and naturally we only had three moments to be together. However, we try to speed up this process as much as possible. I hope we find a great answer. We have a team that, over time, will be reliable. I have no doubt about that”assured Dorival.

Arrests of Robinho and Daniel Alves

The coach also addressed during the press conference the arrests of Robinho and Daniel Alves, former Brazilian national team players, arrested after convictions for gang rape and sexual assault, respectively. Former coach of Robinho at Santos, Dorival highlighted the athlete’s professionalism, but defended his punishment, and also that of Dani Alves, with whom he never worked.

“It is a difficult time for all of us to express any and all situations. First, I think about the families of the people involved, and, mainly, the victims of these episodes, which happen daily in our country and around the world and which, suddenly, are not addressed, they are hushed up because people don’t have a voice. If any type of crime is proven, he must be penalized, as much as it hurts my heart to talk about a person with whom I had an exceptional relationship.”he concluded.

Source: Agência Brasil

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