Cascavel x Operário: result, goals and record

Cascavel x Operário: result, goals and record

O Rattlesnake won the factory worker, by 2 to 1, this Sunday afternoon (19), at the Estádio Olímpico Regional for the first leg of the semifinal of the Campeonato Paranaense. With one more player, Serpente takes advantage of a place in the grand final. The goals were scored by Robinho and gamma for the principals, and Felipe Augusto for visitors.

The match featured the performance of the video referee, in an unprecedented way in the State, with the confirmation of a penalty in the first half, and an impediment in the second, which would lead to another penalty. On Saturday (18), the technology had already been used in the match between Maringá vs Athletico.

The return game will be on Saturday (25), at 7 pm, at Estádio Germano Krüger, in Ponta Grossa. With the result in the first leg, Cascavel has the advantage of a draw. The other semifinal will be between Athletico and Maringá – in the first leg, Hurricane won 2-0 away from home.

Serpente opens the scoring, and Fantasma draws

Cascavel started the match better and had the first chance after seven minutes, in a dangerous shot by Juninho. Gradually, Operário balanced the game and almost scored in the 20th minute, when Marco Antônio kicked and the ball went close to the crossbar. In the 36th minute, after reviewing the VAR, the referee awarded a penalty in Robinho. The number 20 shirt himself went for the kick and, with his left leg, displaced Rafael Santos and opened the scoring at the Olímpico Regional.

Rattlesnake x Worker
Rattlesnake x Worker| Disclosure/Rattlesnake

There was barely time for the Serpent to celebrate. Soon after, the Worker left everything the same. After a cross in the area, Sávio headed it, goalkeeper André Luiz made the save, but gave a rebound and Felipe Augusto appeared free to fill the foot and tie the game.

Expulsion and VAR in action

Cascavel came back with everything in the second half. In the sixth minute, Borech brought down Juninho at the edge of the area and was expelled. In billing, gamma he charged hard, under the barrier, with his right leg, and put Serpente back in front of the scoreboard.

And Cascavel almost didn’t score the third goal; At 13, Willian Machado touched the ball with his hand and the referee signaled the penalty. However, when checking the VAR, Juninho was marked offside at the start of the play, and the penalty ended up being disallowed. The home team managed the score and secured the victory, which gives an important advantage for the big decision of the 2023 State Championship.

Game photos

  • Rattlesnake x Worker
  • Rattlesnake x Worker
  • Rattlesnake x Worker
  • Rattlesnake x Worker
  • Rattlesnake x Worker
  • Rattlesnake x Worker
  • Rattlesnake x Worker


Semifinal – first leg


Rattlesnake: Andre Luiz; Libano, Willian Gomes, Rafael and César Morais (Adenilson); Gama, Ferrugem (Mateus Rodrigues) and Robinho; Wagner (Renanzinho), Gaspar (Lucas Batatinha) and Juninho (Rodrigo Alves).
Technician: Luis Carlos Cruz.

factory worker: Rafael Santos; Sávio, Borech, Willian Machado and Lucas Hipólito; Índio, Ferreira (Marcinho) and Marco Antônio (Vinícius Diniz); Felipe Augusto (Luidy), Vinicius Mingotti (Raphael Lucas) and Dudu Scheit (Rafael Oller).
Technician: Rafael Guanaes.

Local: Regional Olympic Stadium, in Cascavel.
Goals: Robinho at 39′ and Felipe Augusto at 42′ from Q1; Range 10′ from 2nd T.
Yellow cards: Adenilson, Rafael Santos, Rodrigo Alves and Gama (C); William Machado (O).
Red card: Borech (O).
Public: 7,713 payers (total of 9,079).
Income: BRL 226,943.00.
Referee: Lucas Paulo Torezin.
assistants: Victor Hugo Imazu dos Santos and João Fábio Machado Brischiliari.
VAR: Adriano Milczvski; assistants Luciano Roggenbaum and José Henrique de Carvalho.

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