Consistent Palmeiras took a new safe step to be undefeated state champion – 03/19/2023 – Juca Kfouri

Consistent Palmeiras took a new safe step to be undefeated state champion – 03/19/2023 – Juca Kfouri

The only São Paulo team to maintain the tradition of being treated as great, Palmeiras arrives undefeated at the championship finals and, if they dispute them against Red Bull Bragantino, also from Série A, it will rule out the possibility of the champion being an underdog, although it could still be surprising.

After the first half by goalkeeper Jefferson Paulino, from Ituano, and 0-0 on the scoreboard in the packed green house, in the second, Palmeiras turned superiority into a goal and won by 1-0 without losing tranquility at any time.

Because he blindly trusts the bat of each player and the baton of maestro Abel Ferreira, he is capable of being nervous off the field.

Palmeiras does not admit to being surprised or surprised: it is the usual victor.

Differences and similarities

Erling Haaland is 22 years old, 1.94 m and, in this 2022/23 season, he has already scored 42 goals in 37 games, 1.13 on average, 32 of them with a single touch of the ball.

Germán Cano is 35 years old, 1.76 m and, in this 2023 season, he has scored 14 goals in 11 games, an average of 1.27, more than 80% also with a single touch of the ball.

The phenomenal Norwegian is at the beginning of his career and who knows where he will end up.

The extraordinary Argentine is approaching the end of his career and will end it with a golden key.

Saturday gave the measure of both: three goals from the European, four from the South American in important games.

Haaland will give Norway the chance to still shine on the world stage, even more so with Arsenal’s excellent Martin Odegaard to accompany him in the national team.

Cano did not have the same opportunity from Argentina, although he could benefit enormously from the company of Lionel Messi.

Manchester City has changed its way of playing thanks to Haaland.

Fluminense could be champion of Rio de Janeiro thanks to Cano.

Corinthian joy

During the long, almost 23 years of Corinthians’ fasting in football, basketball remained as a consolation for Fiel to let out the champion’s cry.

With Amaury Pasos and Wlamir Marques, the two best and most successful players in the history of Brazilian basketball, in addition to Ubiratan, Rosa Branca, Renê, in the 1960s there were seasons in which there was nothing for anyone in São Paulo, Brazil and America do Sul, in addition to having also beaten the European champion Real Madrid in an epic game, in 1965, at Parque São Jorge, by 118 to 109, the first game in Brazil with both teams surpassing the 100-point mark.

It’s been four years since the men in football haven’t earned anything and it’s the women in football who play basketball this Monday (20) at Fonte Luminosa, in Araraquara, at 8 pm, broadcast by SporTV. against Ferroviária, both teams with 100% success in the Brazilian Championship.

Whoever wins overthrows Palmeiras from the lead and if there is a tie, Brabas alvinegras take first place.

It is worth checking.

The same

The Paraguayan Alejandro Dominguez who presides over Conmebol, and speaks in the name of transparency, follows in the footsteps of three of his predecessors in the entity, the also Paraguayans Juan Angel Napout and Nicolas Leoz and the Uruguayan Eugenio Figueredo, all arrested in the Fifagate scandal for receiving kickbacks in TV rights negotiations.

Dominguez has just been denounced for the same sin and leaves the old question in the air: will football, around the world, ever find decent managers?

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