Amazonense de Chess kicks off the 2024 calendar with tournament on Carnival Tuesday

Amazonense de Chess kicks off the 2024 calendar with tournament on Carnival Tuesday

Manaus (AM) – The Amazon Chess Federation (FAX) will begin, on Carnival Tuesday, February 13th, the 2024 competition calendar.

The First Memorial Blitz Alexandre Gonçalves 2024 will bring together, in an open tournament for all age groups, competitors from the State from 4pm, in the Federation Chess Room (Room 04), on Rua Maceió, nº 686, Altos, in the neighborhood Adrianópolis, in Manaus.

“The event is just the first of many that we will hold in 2024 and my expectation with the start of the federation calendar is that the community of chess players and supporters will be motivated with everything we have prepared for this year. We will have unprecedented events in the region, such as the Brazilian Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship here in Manaus, an event that is being held for the first time in the North Region and, in October, we will have the Manaus Chess Open, which is coming to its 3rd edition, consolidating the participation of the North within this chess scenario in Brazil, Latin America and the world”,

highlighted Rudson Peixoto, national master and president of FAX.

The First Memorial, which aims to pay homage to the great Portuguese chess master, 8-time Amazonian champion, Alexandre Goncalves, guarantees cash prizes for the first three places in the tournament. The dispute will follow the Swiss system in 13 rounds.

“It will be a tournament in celebration of Alexandre Gonçalves, a Portuguese master who decided to come to Manaus in the 1960s. If today there is a federation in Manaus, it was because of him, who organized the Federation in its early years and consequently became Amazonian champion for 8 times. This work yielded many fruits and positioned Amazonas as the strongest state in the region. What we at FAX are doing is a fair tribute to all these players who contributed greatly to our sport”, highlighted Alan Nascimento Teixeira, technical director at FAX.

With a Technical Congress starting at 3:30 pm, the First Memorial will have as competition director the national master and president of FAX, Rudson Marinho Peixoto, with main refereeing by Alan Teixeira. The competition is valid for rating (a score that measures the player’s strength) from the Brazilian Chess Confederation (CBX) and The International Chess Federation (FIDE).

“The tournament will be in Blitz mode, which is fast chess, played at a 3+2sec rhythm. In other words, the entire match is played in 3 minutes, with an additional 2 seconds added per move made. The entire community is invited to participate. We are looking forward to another competition and we hope it will be the beginning of the calendar with many players of different ages getting together during Carnival”,

commented Alan Teixeira.


Registration for the First Memorial costs just R$50 and there is no need to pay a fee to the Amazonian Federation or the Brazilian Chess Confederation, as is the case with upcoming competitions in the State.


Also in February, FAX promotes, on the 24th and 25th of February, the Festival Amazonense da Criança (FAMAC 2024), which counts as the Amazonian championship for under-08, under-10 and under-12 age categories. The competition will also take place in the federation’s chess room. The following week, on 02 and 03/03, the Amazonense Youth Festival (FAMAJ) takes place, for under-14 competitors. under-16 and under-18.


Chess is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. In Amazonas, in the Amazon Chess Federation alone, there are 1400 registered chess players, around 137 of which have international rankings.

Currently, Amazonas has 2 FIDE masters, a title given by the International Chess Federation; 8 national masters and 4 players who are candidates for national masters. Furthermore, the State has a female national master.


Among the main competitions confirmed on the federation’s calendar in 2024 are the V Classic Tournament – ​​PauloChess Coach 2024, on the 29th, 30th and 31st of March; the I FAX FIDE 2024, between April 12th and 14th; the I Memorial Blitz Carlos Relfalefsky 2024, on May 4; the VI Classic Tournament – ​​PauloChess Coach 2024, from June 21st to 23rd. In July, the Brazilian Fast and Blitz Absolute Championship takes place, in the capital of Amazonas, on the 19th, 20th, and 21/07. In October, there is also the long-awaited Manaus Chess Open, between the 11th and 17th.

“This year, the federation began work with a very different organization than other years, placing all the year’s events well in advance on its calendar so that people can plan. We are also launching the fees, which will help FAX to manage the space of the new room and, obviously, strengthen the holding of events, also encouraging new players, clubs and schools to look for us”, pointed out the president of FAX.

“I see that, in Amazonas, in the North Region, chess has grown exponentially thanks to events like these, which we have been holding with young people. We already had a public school player who played Brazilian, was a school chess champion and many others who are emerging, and we are seeing a renewal of chess in Amazonas”, concluded Rudson Peixoto.

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