Watch the video of Robinho’s custody hearing – 03/22/2024 – Sports

Watch the video of Robinho’s custody hearing – 03/22/2024 – Sports


The TRF3 (Federal Regional Court of the 3rd Region) released this Friday (22) the video of the custody hearing of former player Robson de Souza, known as Robinho, held at the headquarters of the Federal Court in Santos, in the central region of the municipality.

The hearing was conducted virtually by magistrate Matheus Castelo Branco Firmino da Silva. He explains to the former player that the hearing aims to verify the conditions under which the arrest occurred and whether there was any type of torture or ill-treatment at the time of detention.

Wearing a light green t-shirt and a blue sweatshirt over his shoulders, Robinho denies having suffered any aggression and says he was ready to go to the Federal Police headquarters in Santos to comply with the order and arrest determined by the Court.

Accompanied by lawyer Sérgio Henrique Cotrim Moliterno Júnior, the former Brazilian national team player with spells at Santos, Real Madrid, Manchester City and Milan states that he is in good health. “I’m doing really well,” says Robinho, who doesn’t show any signs of being dejected by the prison in the recording.

Robinho will serve a nine-year prison sentence, in a closed regime, for the crime of gang rape of an Albanian woman, committed in 2013 in Milan, Italy.

The Italian court’s ruling was approved by the STJ (Superior Court of Justice) on Wednesday (20). The court did not analyze whether or not Robinho committed the crime, but only whether he should serve in Brazil the sentence to which he was sentenced in Italy.

The former player also responds that he has three minor children, aged 16, 12 and eight, who will be under the custody of their mother while he is in prison. Asked if he has relatives who suffer from a serious illness and depend on him, Robinho mentions his father, Gilvan de Souza.

“Now the next decisions are that he will have to undergo a criminal examination and will begin serving the sentence, which was the conviction, and he will be sent to prison”, says the magistrate.

Robinho was taken to the Tremembé penitentiary complex, known as the prison of celebrities. The place is where convicts are sent who, because they have some type of fame (either because they are a public figure or because the crime had great repercussions), are at risk in common penitentiaries. Alexandre Nardoni, Cristian Cravinhos, Gil Rugai, Lindenberg Alves, Mizael Bispo de Souza and Guilherme Longo, as well as doctor Roger Abdelmassih, have passed or still are there.

Former Santos player Edinho, Pelé’s son, was also imprisoned there when he served time for money laundering.

The hearing lasted just over three minutes and was also accompanied by prosecutor Felipe Namba, representing the MPF (Federal Public Ministry).


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