Selection = Leila + Endrick + Vini – 03/25/2024 – Sandro Macedo

Selection = Leila + Endrick + Vini – 03/25/2024 – Sandro Macedo


This FIFA Data already has its big name when it comes to the Brazilian team. Actually, names. On the first leg of the trip, in London, Leila Pereira and Endrick, in that order, dominated everything. In Madrid, at least before the game, Vinicius Junior is the owner of the ball. Ah yes, after all of them, we can include Professor Dorival Júnior.

Leila was invited by the CBF to be the head of the delegation in friendlies on European soil. This humble scribe never really understood the purpose of the position. It just seems like a treat to get a stamp in your passport. Marcos Braz, the traveling leader, must have died of envy.

[Pausa para anotar ideia para algum canal de streaming desenvolver: “O Dirigente Viajante”, com Marcos Braz; dos mesmos criadores de “Um Vereador na Joalheria”.]

Returning. Leila took the microphone and showed what a head of delegation is for. She spoke out and demanded punishment for cases like those of Daniel Alves and Robinho. It was Aunt Leila, pulling the ear of every rich player who thinks he has the power to do what he wants.

Daniel was convicted of rape on February 22. Leila spoke, as head of the delegation, on March 22. And only after that did the CBF wake up.

Danilo gave a beautiful interview, about the machismo that prevails in football. The CBF released a statement against Robinho and Daniel. Even president Ednaldo Wonka Rodrigues, who leads the entity as his fantastic player factory, spoke out.

There was also Dorival, with a disastrous speech, in which he stated that Robinho is a fantastic person.

But I have serious doubts, to say the least, whether Dorival, Danilo and Ednaldo Wonka would speak on the topic if Leila had not initiated the process.

I vote for Leila as head of delegation for the team at the Copa América, the 2026 World Cup and any other World Cup.

With the ball rolling, the victory against England with Endrick’s goal became the positive agenda that everyone in the team needed.

Positive agenda is something most used in politics. When the government is criticized or the economy is in shambles, you look for any good news. That is what happened.

Dorival says he wants Brazil to play like a Premier League team. Well, the Premier League team with the average possession he had against England (around 47%) is Wolverhampton, where midfielder João Gomes plays. Coincidence? Against Spain, we will probably be a reactive team. To be seen.

However, the period with Fernando Diniz was so bad that the game against the English seemed better than it really was.

Endrick is one of those players predestined for great things in football. Okay, his goal was one of those that my grandmother, who uses a cane, would score (but my grandmother would have difficulty finding that position). Even his post-match interview, quoting Bobby Charlton, was brilliant. Contrived but genius quote. The English already love Endrick.

This Monday (25), in Madrid, Endrick’s future home, Vinicius Junior gave an emotional interview. He cried. The themes were racism, racism and racism. Vini is clearly exhausted, but at the same time, he is not going to give up. Endrick arrives to be Vini’s companion in a few months. Who knows, maybe I can help you share this fight. Mbappé, I don’t think he will.

Speaking of a positive agenda, striker Pedro Raul underwent facial harmonization to look even hotter. Was it something already thought of for Panini’s next album? Can we already say that Corinthians has the hottest attacking duo in Series A?

We will talk about cat center forwards another time.

Curiosity about the convicts of the week: Robinho, who fled Italian justice to stay in Brazil, is in prison and will not see the national team play. Daniel Alves, who failed to escape Spain and was sentenced, paid 1 million euros and was even able to go to the stadium to watch the friendly match live.

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