RUF: Understand what the Folha University Ranking is – 11/12/2023 – News – University Ranking

RUF: Understand what the Folha University Ranking is – 11/12/2023 – News – University Ranking

The RUF (Folha University Ranking) is an annual assessment of higher education in Brazil carried out by Sheet since 2012.

At RUF there are two main products: the university rankings and the course rankings.

The 203 Brazilian universities, public and private, are classified in the university ranking based on five indicators: research, internationalization, innovation, teaching and market.

In the course ranking it is possible to find the evaluation of each of the 40 undergraduate courses with the most entrants in Brazil. In each classification, courses offered by universities, university centers and colleges are considered. The law course, specifically, has a specific assessment that also takes into account approval at the OAB.

The data that make up the RUF evaluation indicators are collected by a team from Sheet in national and international databases of scientific journals, patents, in Inep-MEC (Census of Higher Education and Enade) databases, in state and federal science promotion agencies and in national opinion surveys carried out by Datafolha.

The RUF team can clarify methodological doubts about the different rankings, but does not provide information on selection processes, enrollment, school calendar and monthly fees at higher education institutions in the country.


Why was my course (biotechnology and others) not evaluated?

The RUF evaluates the 40 careers with the most entrants in the country, such as administration, law and medicine, according to data from the latest Higher Education Census. Demand for these careers can vary from year to year.

My course did not receive a score in the “market evaluation” indicator. Why does it happen?

The labor market indicator interviews HR professionals (from companies, hospitals, practices, schools and the like) consulted by Datafolha. These professionals are interviewed about the three best institutions in the areas in which they hire. Courses without scores in this indicator were not mentioned in interviews with employers in the last three surveys carried out by Datafolha.

Why was my college not evaluated in the university rankings?

The RUF university ranking evaluates and classifies higher education institutions accredited as “universities” in the MEC. The 40 course rankings consider careers offered by universities, colleges, university centers and federal institutes. Technological and distance learning courses are not part of the assessments.

Enade is worth up to 5 points, but in the RUF university ranking, it is worth 4 points. How is this possible?

In the university ranking, we calculate the institution’s Enade score (up to five points) proportionally to the value of the RUF indicator (up to four points).

My educational institution did not provide data directly to the RUF. How were we evaluated?

All RUF data is collected in public databases. Two exclusive national opinion surveys are also carried out, conducted by Datafolha, with employers and teachers across the country. Visits to educational institutions and data collection directly at institutions are not part of the methodology.

My institution has two “administration” courses, on two different campuses. Can you know what the grade is for each course?

No. The only component of the RUF formula capable of being differentiated by campus is the Enade score. In the case of institutions with the same course offered on more than one campus or unit, the grade for that career will be calculated based on an average of the grades for the course offered on each of the campuses.

My course is called “legal sciences”. I want to know if you were evaluated in the “right” career.

Yes. The 40 careers evaluated in the RUF consider a series of courses with different nomenclatures.

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