PT parliamentarians say that Cid’s audio does not invalidate evidence and point to a “double game”

PT parliamentarians say that Cid’s audio does not invalidate evidence and point to a “double game”


PT parliamentarians argued that the audios attributed to Lieutenant Colonel Mauro Cid do not invalidate the evidence obtained by the Federal Police. The party’s national president, deputy Gleisi Hoffmann (PR), pointed out that Jair Bolsonaro’s (PL) former aide-de-camp tried to play a “double game”. She defended the PF’s role in the investigations.

On Thursday night (21), the magazine Look released recordings in which Cid reports having been pressured in testimonies and criticizes the Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) Alexandre de Moraes. After the repercussions, Moraes ordered that Cid be arrested again for failing to comply with precautionary measures.

“At this point in the championship, the former adjutant tried to play a double game, but he just forgot that cell phones, computers and documents were seized with evidence of the crimes he and his boss committed. As he well said in the audios, while Bolsonaro became a millionaire with Pix, Cid was yet another abandoned by the ineligible”, stated Gleisi on the social network X this Friday (22).

The parliamentarian said that the PF acts within due legal process. For Gleisi, “Bolsonaro attacks the PF because he is terrified of being arrested.” She stated that the former president’s supporters “attack the institution and try, in any way, to disqualify the statements that expose his coup plots”.

“The Federal Police, under the Lula government, is restoring the credibility of the institution, with seriousness and actions within the law, both in the fight against organized crime and in judicial investigations. Gone are the days of mockery of those being investigated, of selective leaks, of show operations and of star delegates”, reinforced the PT president.

Senator Humberto Costa (PT-PE) stated that “the crimes reported by Cid were proven”. The military’s collaboration was used by the PF to support arrest and search and seizure warrants in Operation Tempus Veritatis, which investigates an alleged coup attempt. Furthermore, the former adjutant’s reports were considered in the PF’s decision to indict Bolsonaro and 16 other people in the vaccine certificates case.

“The speech he gives to the audience doesn’t change anything about what the coup attempt was. Let him assume the consequences of once again acting against the law, trying to obstruct justice and failing to comply with precautionary measures”, argued Costa in of a traitor to Bolsonarism.”

“His statement was confirmed by commanders of the Army, Freire Gomes, and the Air Force, Baptista Jr, who attested to coup meetings with the military leadership and the existence of the coup draft. There is no point in him wanting to lightly attack the PF and Alexandre de Moraes”, said Farias. The deputy stated that the leaked audios demonstrate the lieutenant colonel’s “desperation” to create a “political narrative” for Bolsonaro.

Deputy Carlos Veras (PT-PE) believes that the audios should “complicate the former aide-de-camp even further”. Veras highlighted that the complaint was approved because the PF has sufficient evidence to corroborate the reports. “About Mauro Cid’s ‘leaked’ audios: despite the screenwriter’s efforts to produce a believable text, the audios should further complicate the former aide-de-camp, who may have suspended his plea bargain agreement. He produces information to feed the Bolsonarist horde and their narratives of persecution”, said the parliamentarian.

“But the truth is that the plea was approved because the PF has other evidence that corroborates what has already been said by Mauro Cid. And these elements are already included in the investigation. So there’s no point in going back, it’s that famous saying: if you run, the animal will catch you; and if it stays, the animal eats it. This coup group will all be held responsible”, added Veras.


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