Online games selection defines Amapá team for Copa Reis do Norte e-sports – News of Brazil

Online games selection defines Amapá team for Copa Reis do Norte e-sports – News of Brazil

With encouragement from the State Government, the main e-sports athletes from Amapá will compete until Sunday (19) online, in the Amapá Major Pro League 2023, a virtual competition that serves as a qualifier for the Copa Reis do Norte. In total, 37 athletes face each other in different categories of up to five online and offline game modes.

The tournament, which will distribute R$10,000 in prizes, is held by the Amapaense Electronic Sports Federation (Feapee) in partnership with the State Secretariat for Culture (Secult) and state deputy Kaká Barbosa. The dispute is part of the “Underground Summer” calendar, which has a selective schedule until December, to define representatives from Amapá in the 2024 national competitions.

“The importance of this partnership, in addition to holding the event itself, is the opportunity it opens up for debate about e-sports, which should act as a recognition tool for everyone who practices the sport”explains the vice-president of Feapee, Francinato Silva.

Competitors face each other in matches and elimination matches in games such as: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO 2), Dota 2, League of Legends (LOL), Valoriant and Rainbow Six. Each type of PC Gamer has its own regulations. Competitor Lucas Nunes explains that the competition is a dream come true.

“For me it is undoubtedly a dream come true, the competitive e-sports scene is already a reality in Brazil and the world, and having this segment more present and strengthened in Amapá is very gratifying. An opportunity to play what we love, with all the structure of a professional championship, with narration and prizes, encourages and encourages us to continue participating, I am grateful for the support from the Government of Amapá, this attitude is very important for our community. Now it’s time to play, win and be able to represent our state very well.”highlighted the player.

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