Omar Aziz is honored with the Ruy Araújo Medal and the title of Citizen of Amazonas

Omar Aziz is honored with the Ruy Araújo Medal and the title of Citizen of Amazonas

citizen of Amazonas

Authorities rescued Omar’s legacy for the people of Amazonas

Manaus (AM) – In a ceremony marked by emotion, senator Omar Aziz (PSD-AM) received the title of citizen of Amazonas, together with the Ruy Araújo medal, this Monday morning (18). The ceremony was attended by friends from political life and family, who recalled the importance of Omar’s legacy for the State and the Country.

“It is a great honor, in addition to officially becoming a citizen, to receive the Ruy Araújo medal”, thanked the senator. In his speech, he highlighted the importance of friends and solidarity in difficult moments of political life. Omar highlighted his trajectory since his arrival in Amazonas in 1971, bringing to light remarkable personal memories, such as his childhood spent on Rua dos Barés.

The senator emphasized his dedication to his studies and his career in public life, holding various positions and making many friends along the way. He expressed his passion for Amazonas and his motivation to serve the people.

“I feel like an Amazonian since I was welcomed here in the 70s, but today, by right, I become an Amazonian with that title. It honors me a lot, but that is not what will make me make a greater effort, but rather the love I have for the people of Amazonas”,

highlighted Omar Aziz.

The governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima (União Brasil), took the opportunity to recognize Omar’s fundamental role in forwarding important agendas for the state in the Federal Senate. He highlighted the senator’s work in the construction of the Delphina Aziz Hospital, which became a reference in the northern region. “I recognize his work in the Senate and all his experience gives us peace of mind that we have a representative who really knows and fights to change the reality of the interior of Amazonas”Wilson said.

State deputy João Luiz (Podemos), responsible for the proposal to grant the title, justified his approval by reiterating Omar Aziz’s tireless work since his arrival in Amazonas. He highlighted the senator’s work in paving the AM-010 highway, which brought benefits to farmers and residents of the region.

“Senator Omar Aziz has contributed a lot to the development of the state since he arrived on this land. He has extensive work from student leadership to the Government of Amazonas, the Federal Senate, the City Council and here in the Legislative Assembly itself, where he received the most votes. He is a fighter for the Manaus Free Trade Zone, where he fights for family jobs, where he leads the Amazon bench in the National Congress”,

said deputy João Luiz.

During the ceremony, deputy Alessandra Campêlo (Podemos) made a point of recognizing Aziz’s contributions to several award-winning programs, such as Galera Nota 10 and Ronda no Bairro. She also highlighted the senator’s role in the Pandemic CPI, where he managed to save lives and combat corruption in the purchase of vaccines against Covid-19.

Federal deputy Saulo Viana, who has a personal friendship with Omar Aziz, emphasized the teachings he received from the senator, such as his integrity and dedication to family and work.

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