OAB of Rio will investigate lawyer’s conduct for anti-Semitic statements

OAB of Rio will investigate lawyer’s conduct for anti-Semitic statements


The section of the Rio de Janeiro Bar Association (OAB-RJ) will investigate the conduct of lawyer Hariberto de Miranda Jordão Filho for anti-Semitic statements during a session of the Brazilian Lawyers Institute (IAB), on March 20, 2024.

Information about the procedure for investigating the lawyer’s conduct was confirmed by the OAB Nacional, on Saturday (23).

A People’s Gazette contacted the Rio OAB and is awaiting a response.

When speaking during the session on the 20th, the lawyer called for the expulsion of all Jews who are part of the presidency, commissions and board of directors of the IAB.

In the speech, the lawyer asks that the IAB adopt the “same principle” as the French, who after the Second World War set the rule of not having Jews on the board or in the presidency of the Barreau de Paris (a body equivalent to the OAB).

According to Hariberto, the measure was taken because some Jews had cooperated with the Nazis.

“In view of the concrete fact here, we must adopt the same principle, avoiding future filth from Zionist Jews or not”, stated the lawyer during the IAB session.

Hariberto was referring to the fact that he was reported to the OAB by the Israeli Federation of Rio de Janeiro (Fierj) due to a demonstration he held within the IAB last year.

Hariberto classified the complaint as “cowardly and disloyal” and said he was a victim of “clear and undue political, ideological, religious, cultural and even professional persecution”.

“It is a shame and aggression for the Institute, which has defended democratic freedom for more than 180 years, the silence of the Human Rights Commission in the face of the Holocaust and ethnic cleansing carried out by Israeli Zionist troops against the defenseless Palestinians. The president [da comissão, Carlos Schlesinger] He is Jewish and must be removed immediately,” said Hariberto.

In another section, the lawyer said that Fierj should be closed for being “anti-democratic” and bringing together “fascists, evangelicals and Bolsonarists, who have nothing to do with the IAB”.

Hariberto also said that he did not commit “any professional violation” and that the members of Fierj do not have “the mental and legal capacity to file the complaint in the appropriate forum”.

The speech generated outrage from colleagues present at the session, which took place in person and virtually. After the incident, the IAB opened administrative proceedings against the lawyer.

In a statement, the IAB said that the statements “not only violate the fundamental principles that guide the institution, but also harm the dignity of everyone involved directly or indirectly with the sad speech made”.

“The IAB stands in solidarity with all Jews and those offended by their beliefs and, in particular, expresses support and solidarity with Directors Arnon Velmovitsk and Paulo Maltz, and the presidents of the Human Rights and Criminology commissions, Carlos Schlesinger and Marcia Dinis, this also Library Director, personally and seriously affected, vehemently repudiating the insults said in the aforementioned session, duly condemned by everyone present. In accordance with the principles established in our statutes, the IAB reserves the right to initiate administrative proceedings against any member who violates its statutory precepts, as only occurs in a specific case, as such measures will serve to guarantee the integrity and reputation of the IAB. IAB, as well as ensuring effective compliance with its fundamental values”, says the entity’s note.

On Saturday (23), the OAB Nacional expressed “support for the measures already adopted by the IAB, such as the initiation of disciplinary proceedings and the suspension of lawyers’ participation in committees and working groups”.

“The Federal Council and the College of Presidents of the Sections of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) will never accept that anti-Semitism or any other manifestation of hatred flourishes in the national legal profession. The OAB section in Rio de Janeiro is already taking the appropriate measures to investigate the conduct of the lawyer who, in a session of the Brazilian Lawyers Institute (IAB), expressed messages of hatred and discrimination against Jewish colleagues. At this time, we sympathize with the attacked colleagues and with the entire Jewish community. We remember the crimes against humanity and against the Jewish people so that they do not happen again”, said the OAB in a statement.


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