Neapolitan chocolate cream replenishes the energy you spend on Carnival – 02/12/2024 – Marcão’s Recipes

Neapolitan chocolate cream replenishes the energy you spend on Carnival – 02/12/2024 – Marcão’s Recipes

Half of Carnival has already passed and, tell me, what did you eat between one block and the next? People throw themselves into the festivities so hard that they end up forgetting to eat properly.

It cannot. Empty bag won’t stay upright.

If Brazil doesn’t have typical Carnival food, Europe has several. Fortunately, it is almost always sweet. Abundant and immediate energy to replace the damage caused by the party.

In Naples, Carnival calls for an assortment of sweet fried foods, like donuts or things similar to our dumplings. And there is sanguinaccio dolce, a chocolate cream that they use to spread these masses.

Sanguinaccio was not born as a chocolate sweet. Until recently — the end of the 20th century —, its main component was blood. Pig blood. It may seem strange or even disgusting, but it is not at all uncommon in Italian sweets.

In 1992, however, the sale of pig blood to the end consumer was banned in Italy. Sanguinaccio started to be made with a recipe that for us Brazilians is much more palatable.

The appearance of this Neapolitan sweet is reminiscent of a spoon brigadeiro.

Sanguinaccio, however, is much less sweet. The chocolate – which appears in a double dose, cocoa powder and dark chocolate bar – imposes itself with an intensity that no brigadeiro has.

Another important difference is the texture. Sanguinaccio is hot chocolate thickened with a little cornstarch (cornstarch).

Once chilled, it becomes a cream comparable to those dairy desserts in the supermarket. As for the taste, it is infinitely better.

I’m the first to encourage improvisation in the kitchen, but confectionery is another story. Better to follow the recipe (or risk ruining the food), which comes with quantities in grams. Even the milk.

Therefore, I highly recommend purchasing a kitchen scale. It costs 20 contos, less than two beers in a block.

Other than that little annoyance, it’s a really easy recipe. Quick. And delicious. Ten, ten rating, guaranteed success.


Performance: 4 servings

Difficulty: easy


35 g cocoa powder

100 g of sugar

20 g cornstarch

1 g of cinnamon powder

250 g of whole milk

15 g unsalted butter

50 g dark chocolate bars, coarsely chopped

Confectionery to decorate (optional)

Way of doing

  1. In a bowl, sift the cocoa, sugar and cornstarch. Add the cinnamon and mix everything.

  2. Add the cold milk little by little, stirring with a wire whisk to avoid lumps.

  3. Transfer to a pan and heat over low heat, stirring constantly.

  4. When the cream thickens (about 10 minutes), add the butter and chocolate. Mix well and turn off the heat (there will be a few pieces of chocolate left without melting).

  5. Transfer to an ovenproof dish and leave in the fridge for at least two hours, covered, before serving. If you want, decorate with sprinkles or sprinkles of your choice.

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