Dengue: São Paulo receives first shipment of vaccines – 02/12/2024 – Health

Dengue: São Paulo receives first shipment of vaccines – 02/12/2024 – Health

The São Paulo State Department of Health announced this Monday (12) that it had received last Friday (9) 79.4 thousand doses of the dengue vaccine sent by the Ministry of Health to begin the vaccination campaign against dengue. the disease in the state.

According to the folder, the PNI (National Immunization Plan), given the limited number of doses, advised that vaccination be started in children aged 10 and 11 in the 11 municipalities of Alto Tietê previously defined by the ministry.

The City of São Paulo, through the Municipal Health Department, sent a letter to the ministry on January 30 requesting the distribution of doses of the vaccine to the capital of São Paulo. The city records an increase in cases of the disease, but was left out of the list of priority municipalities for the start of vaccination.

The capital’s municipal administration confirmed on Thursday (8) the first death from dengue in the city in 2024. So far, the state of SP has 9 confirmed deaths, two of which are in Greater São Paulo, according to the São Paulo Monitoring Panel. state government.

The Ministry of Health made the vaccine available to 16 states and the Federal District, prioritizing those with high transmission of the disease and incidence of serotype 2 of the virus.

See the list of cities in São Paulo that will receive the vaccine

County Region Amount
Guarulhos Alto Tietê 34,270
Suzano Alto Tietê 8,409
Guararema Alto Tietê 800
Itaquaquecetuba Alto Tietê 10,960
Ferraz de Vasconcelos Alto Tietê 4,994
Mogi das Cruzes Alto Tietê 12,143
Poá Alto Tietê 2,834
Aruja Alto Tietê 2,343
Saint Elizabeth Alto Tietê 1,423
Biritiba-Mirim Alto Tietê 821
Salesópolis Alto Tietê 419

Members of the Ministry of Health assess that the dengue situation is worrying because, currently, four serotypes are circulating in the country at the same time.

In the latest report from the department’s COE (Emergency Operations Center), released this Saturday (10), Brazil had 62 deaths from the disease and 408,351 probable cases of dengue. 4,587 serious cases were recorded and 279 deaths are under investigation.

The government’s forecast is to vaccinate around 3.2 million people in 2024. The vaccination schedule will consist of two doses, which will be administered at an interval of three months. The Ministry of Health reported that it acquired all 5.2 million doses of the vaccine — called Qdenga — made available by the pharmaceutical company Takeda for this year. They will be delivered in stages until November.

The folder indicates that there is a projection that Brazil will have around 4.2 million cases of dengue fever in 2024. The number differs from the estimate given at the end of 2023, when the department’s Health and Environmental Surveillance secretariat, Ethel Maciel, stated that in the worst case scenario the country could reach 5 million cases.

According to folder data, the year 2023 had 1.6 million probable records, indicating the possibility of almost three times more cases this year compared to the previous period.

Brazil ended last year with a record number of deaths from dengue, with 1,094 deaths. The data were extracted from Sinan (Notifiable Diseases Information System). The previous record occurred in 2022, with 1,053 deaths. The third year with the most deaths was 2015, with 986 victims.

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