National president of Novo fulfills agenda to strengthen the party in Amazonas

National president of Novo fulfills agenda to strengthen the party in Amazonas

First visit

Eduardo Ribeiro, president of the party, visits the state for the first time, this Thursday (16)

Manaus (AM) – The national president of the Novo party, Eduardo Ribeiro, visited Amazonas for the first time to carry out the acronym’s restructuring actions in the state which, in addition to a new board, also gained its first headquarters this month. On that occasion, he held a press conference, this Thursday (16), alongside the president of the State Directory, Maria do Carmo Seffair.

“We are in a process of change with a focus on strengthening our ideals and mainly on the growth of affiliates throughout Brazil. Amazonas is of great importance in this context, and I am happy that the party here is in the hands of such a prepared and competent person, Maria do Carmo”, said Eduardo Ribeiro.

According to state president Maria do Carmo Seffair, her entry into public life is a reflection of the feeling of change and wanting to do more for society.

“Novo has a lot of this, of bringing into its ranks people who, like me, want to move from indignation to action. And my commitment at the head of the party in Amazonas is to make it one of the largest party associations in terms of numbers and qualified members”, stated Maria do Carmo.

Among the main goals of Novo-AM are:

  1. Actions to attract new members, with the aim of reaching 3 thousand by the end of 2024;
  2. Implement Municipal Directories in the capital and interior;
  3. Form a complete slate in the capital and some strategic municipalities for the next elections, qualified names, clean records and, above all, people motivated to make a difference in politics;
  4. Consolidate New proposals and make it one of the main parties in the State;
  5. Attract more women to politics, have greater female representation, strongly combating gender-based political violence.

Elections 2024

Asked by the local press about the formation of a ticket for next year’s elections in the capital, the president of Nacional do Novo guaranteed that the party will have a complete and competitive ticket.

Without confirming the pre-candidacy, Eduardo Ribeiro indicated the name of Maria do Carmo herself as an option to run for Municipal Executive.

“I am a particular supporter of Maria do Carmo herself being our pre-candidate, but it is a decision that will be taken by the Municipal and State directories, because we are a democratic party and free from chiefs”, highlighted Eduardo Ribeiro.

“I will be available for my party’s decision, because I think that, if you don’t do it, if you don’t join, someone will do it for you. And it is in politics that things happen, it is the figures who decide the education your child will have, the health you will receive”, added Maria do Carmo.


After the press conference, Eduardo Ribeiro and Maria do Carmo continued with the closed agenda with the governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima (UB). A meeting is also planned with the president of the Legislative Assembly of the State of Amazonas, deputy Roberto Cidade (UB). The official agenda ends with a meeting with members at the party headquarters, located in the Cachoeirinha neighborhood, in the South zone

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