MPSP wants Monark to pay R$4 million in compensation

MPSP wants Monark to pay R$4 million in compensation


Monark’s statement was made during a podcast broadcast in February 2022| Photo: Reproduction Monark Talks

In a lawsuit filed on Thursday (21), the Public Ministry of São Paulo (MPSP) asks that digital influencer Bruno Monteiro Aiub, known as Monark, be ordered to pay compensation of R$4 million for having defended the right to Nazis organized themselves into a political party.

Monark’s statement was made during the broadcast of a podcast in February 2022. At the time, Monark had as guests deputies Kim Kataguiri (União-SP) and Tabata Amaral (PSB-SP). Both disagreed with Monark.

“The defense of the creation of a party whose ideology is the very antithesis of the recent historical construction of human rights is incompatible with the constitutional text […] The same can be said in relation to the defense of being anti-Jewish. For this reason, such speech does not only affect the direct victims of Nazism, but the entire Brazilian society”, said prosecutor Reynaldo Mapelli.

The records of the investigation launched to investigate the case contain three opinions, one anthropological, one psychological and the other socio-welfare.

“All (the opinions) proved, with solid technical grounds, the racist stance, anti-Semitism and Nazism in the defendant’s behavior, as well as the need for reprimand, which is why corresponding measures should be adopted by the Human Rights Prosecutor’s Office” , says an excerpt from the petition.

According to the MPSP’s petition, the compensation money should be directed to the State Fund for the Defense of Diffuse Interests.


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