Minister defends adjustment of agency employees in a letter to Management – 03/25/2024 – Panel

Minister defends adjustment of agency employees in a letter to Management – 03/25/2024 – Panel


Minister Silvio Costa Filho (Ports and Airports) sent a letter to Minister Esther Dweck (Management) in which he expresses “total and unrestricted” support for the demand of employees of regulatory agencies who ask for restructuring and enhancement of careers.

In the document, he states that the agencies have a preponderant role in regulating and supervising various sectors of the economy and cites the “high level of complexity required to regulate the infrastructure sector”, especially the waterway sector, by Antaq (National Transport Agency Waterways), and air transport, by Anac (National Civil Aviation Agency).

“Considering the responsibilities, the importance for society and, mainly, the fact that they are State bodies, it becomes discrepant the fact that the remuneration of employees of regulatory agencies represents, approximately, 70% of the remuneration of civil servants who fall within the so-called management cycle”, writes the minister.

In the letter, Costa Filho says that the last specific adjustment for civil servants occurred in January 2017, and that, since then and until December 2023, accumulated inflation in the country exceeded 40%. “Such a gap becomes an obstacle in maintaining a qualified staff in the agencies, as well as in attracting new employees through public competition”, he states.

The demonstration occurs after Coarf (Committee of Federal Regulatory Agencies) sent a letter to Minister Esther Dweck and Minister Fernando Haddad (Finance) defending the readjustment of servers.

For the president of Sinagências (National Union of Servants of National Regulatory Agencies), Fabio Rosa, Silvio Costa Filho’s support strengthens the civil servants’ claim at the regulation table and is a demonstration of how fair the category’s claim is.”

In a note, the Ministry of Management says that, at the beginning of 2023, it reinstalled the permanent negotiation table with public servants and signed a linear adjustment agreement of 9% for all civil servants. It also states that at the first board meeting of 2024, held on February 28, it reaffirmed the proposal for a 9% adjustment in two installments, the first in May 2025 and the second in May 2026.

“MGI continues in the negotiation process with the entity representing regulatory agencies, where the meeting of the specific and temporary table took place at the end of February”, indicates the ministry. “The recomposition of the workforce in the Federal Public Administration, to recover the government’s capacity to act in the execution of public policies, is a priority agenda of the Ministry of Management, which has been acting within the possible and budgetary limits to meet the demands of bodies and entities of the Federal Executive.”

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