Madonna show in Copacabana brings New Year’s Eve out of season – 03/23/2024 – Illustrated

Madonna show in Copacabana brings New Year’s Eve out of season – 03/23/2024 – Illustrated


The hotel sector in Rio de Janeiro is celebrating with the confirmation of the concert by the North American singer Madonna on Copacabana beach in May, according to the president of the union of hotels and accommodation facilities in the capital of Rio de Janeiro, Alfredo Lopes, who compared the event to the traditional New Year’s Eve party on the sands of Rio.

Lopes told Reuters this Friday (22) that the occupancy of hotels in the city’s most touristy regions could reach 100% due to the international attraction, whose free show on the beach was confirmed by the organizers.

“It will be a mega event and Madonna’s biggest show of all time, because not every place can hold a million people,” said Lopes.

“We had an off-season New Year’s Eve. The prospect of intense movement in the city, many resources and tourists circulating and full hotels in the south and west zones”, he added.

The show should take place on May 4th, therefore close to the May 1st holiday, which could further boost the flow of tourists and resources in the city, according to him.

“Close to the holiday it helps the city more. On a normal holiday, occupancy would be close to 70% in the south and west zones. With Madonna it goes to 100%”, stated the president of HotéisRio.

Sponsor of the show, Itaú bank confirmed Madonna’s performance on Copacabana beach. Details of the show will be presented next Monday (25) at a press conference.

A large stage to welcome the pop star will be set up on the beach sands at the Copacabana Palace hotel, according to sources involved in organizing the event.

“It will be a memorable date for the city,” said one of the sources.

Madonna, who has already been to Brazil on three occasions, has not performed in the country since 2012. In a video released on social media by Itaú, the singer announced: “Brazil, I’m arriving soon.”


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