Lira says he can change the Constitution to avoid joint committees with the Senate

Lira says he can change the Constitution to avoid joint committees with the Senate

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), said at the end of this Wednesday’s session (15) that he may resort to a change in the Constitution to prevent joint committees with the Senate from being resumed in a model similar to that adopted before the Covid-19 pandemic – which includes the analysis of provisional measures.

Until then, the MPs signed by the Executive Branch began to be processed in a commission formed by 12 senators and 12 deputies, but the rite changed in the last two years and the procedure started to be initiated by the Chamber and then proceeded to the Senate. For Lira, the previous model left the analysis disproportionate to the number of parliamentarians in each house.

“A rational way has to be found to avoid the return of joint committees, because they were undemocratic with the plenary sessions of the Chamber and the Senate. And we are going to find a way, even if it is by making a constitutional amendment, to adjust this issue, ”he said.

This is because, according to Lira, the Chamber would have 513 deputies represented by only 12, while the Senate would have 81 parliamentarians also represented by 12. “The Senate is over-represented and the Chamber is under-represented [neste formato]”, he said hours later in an interview with GloboNews.

According to him, this “under-representation” directly affects smaller parties “such as PDT, PSB, PSOL, for parties that will not have a vacancy in the mixed committees”. Lira also said that the pandemic rite opened the possibility for the parties to analyze the proposals for 90 days in the Chamber and 30 days in the Senate.

“It suited the Senate, we never had difficulty composing the texts of the provisional measures”, he added, suggesting that a model of alternating analysis be discussed in this model of rite, in which “some start in the Chamber and others begin in the Senate”, without needing to return to what was previously adopted.

Lira also acknowledged that he has been talking little with the President of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), but that he is not “bad” with him.

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