It is logical that Bolsonaro has lost size, says Lira – 03/16/2023 – Politics

It is logical that Bolsonaro has lost size, says Lira – 03/16/2023 – Politics

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), said that former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) lost size after the elections and the end of his term, in December 2022. “It is logical that he lost size “, said the deputy, one of Bolsonaro’s main allies until last year.

In an interview with journalist Miriam Leitão, which aired this Wednesday night (15) on GloboNews, Lira softened the tone of the analysis she made about the fragility of the political alliances of the Lula government (PT) in Congress.

The president of the Chamber said that the Lula government is evolving in its relationship with Congress, despite still facing difficulties.

Ten days ago, Lira told businessmen that Lula does not have a minimum margin of votes and does not have support in the Legislature, not even to approve laws by simple majority, much less to advance in constitutional matters, as is the case of tax reform.

After speaking in a critical tone, he and Lula met for dinner. According to Lira, conversations with the president “are always calm and pleasant”. He denied that the agenda was the distribution of positions and cited a dialogue on issues that are of interest to the country.

Despite reaffirming the existence of weaknesses in the Chamber, Lira now understands that there are advances and believes that the government will be “solidified” before the vote on the reform.

The president of the Chamber praised the Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad, with whom he had a dinner this Wednesday about the fiscal framework and the tax reform.

“The minister has the sympathy of the leaders of the Chamber, with the willingness to listen to him and give him prestige”, he said.

Lira said that Haddad demonstrates balance, tranquility and openness to dialogue on the proposal for a fiscal rule drawn up by the Treasury to replace the spending cap.

“These conversations have been very fruitful. We hope that the minister makes his tour, talking to everyone who needs to talk, especially with President Lula, to have the government’s approval, and can give us the opportunity to propose and understand how this project,” he said.

The president of the Chamber also said that he is dialoguing “little” with the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), but he doesn’t feel bad about anyone.

Lira faced the Senate this Wednesday and signaled a constitutional change to reach an agreement on the resumption of the functioning of the joint committees responsible for analyzing the MPs (provisional measures).

He stated in plenary that it is necessary that the members of the boards of the two Houses feel “democratically, politely, civilly [para] find a suitable rhythm”.

In the interview with GloboNews, Lira said he considers the joint committees undemocratic because they have the representation of 12 deputies in a Chamber that has 513 parliamentarians.

“The Senate (with 12 representatives) is overrepresented and the Chamber is underrepresented”, he analyzed, recalling that the Senate has 81 parliamentarians. He said that he fights for the smaller parties, who would not have vacancies in the mixed commissions.

“A rational way has to be found, to avoid the return of joint committees, because they were undemocratic with the plenary sessions of the Chamber and the Senate. And we are going to find a way, even if it is by making a constitutional amendment to adjust this issue”, said the mayor earlier.

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