“Floating experience”: Circo Caboclo performs circus show and workshops in Belém

“Floating experience”: Circo Caboclo performs circus show and workshops in Belém

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In addition to the presentations, Circo Caboclo held, in partnership with Circo Nos Tantos, free workshops on aerial acrobatics and hula hoops

Bethlehem (Pará) — “There is a lot of lightness and complicity on stage between the two acrobats. I really liked how bodies pulsate with light”, says musician Sonyra Bandeira, who attended the “Floating Experience — Acrobatic Show”, the first premiere of Companhia Circo Caboclo this year, at Teatro Experimental Waldemar Henrique, in Belém (PA).

The debut of the independent company in Belém, last week, featured a show with aerial acrobatics, dancing, live music and performance on stage, with moments of tension and surprises. In addition to the presentations, Circo Caboclo held, in partnership with Circo Nos Tantos, free aerial acrobatics and hula hoop workshops.

The cast includes acrobats Jean Winder and Laísa Silva, music by Alexandre da Amazônia, Cícero Benedito and Wilkerson Lima, lighting by Daniel Ferrat, with production by Jean Winder and Amanda Magaiver (Manaus), in addition to Yure Lee (Belém). Cícero Benedito also as a videomaker and photographer.

The show marked the cultural exchange in the North region. The independent company from Manaus held, in February, free presentations and workshops in the capital of Amazonas and later took the presentation to the capital of Pará.

“The presentations in Belém were a success. We managed to take a very interesting experience of exchange with the artistic, cultural and intellectual milieu of Belém. The company had great support from the artistic community of Belém and we had a very considerable audience at the shows. They were successful nights and everything went well in the presentations”,

declares acrobat Jean Winder.

paraense receptivity

The show was marked by the sensations that the audience felt. For those who appreciate the circus performance, it was even difficult to explain the “Floating Experience”.

“I thought the presentation was incredible, I admit that I don’t know how to transcribe what I felt. I thought it was beautiful, anyone who arrives and sees only the scenery cannot imagine how grandiose the presentation will be, the embrace between the gods of nature in their individual strengths, united and even being just one in strength. As I watched the presentation, I don’t know if this was the interpretation they wanted to convey, but I thought a lot about the gods, being the earth and air and a question of balance, strength and resistance. Both with their importance, with their strength and together they brought balance”,

highlights academic Pamella Souza.

The Amazonian acrobat Laisa Silva acts as a ballet teacher and, in circus art, made her debut in the acrobatic show “Experiência Flutuante”. According to her, the receptiveness of the Pará public was great.

“I was positively surprised. I knew it would be a receptive audience, but I really had no idea that they would be much more than that. We had a positive response from them and, to our happiness, they were extremely welcoming, we noticed that the audience was truly open to receiving the show. Regarding the workshops, every detail, information and technique taught was received in a very valuable way, which is gratifying for us as artists. The presentation of the show Floating Experience in Belém was inexplicable. It really was something magical, a feeling of accomplishment and that people managed to absorb our proposal”,

remembers Lisa.

First show of 2023

Circus performance by Jean Winder and Laísa Silva Photo: Paulo Desana

The “Floating Experience — Acrobatic Show” is sponsored by Banco da Amazônia (BASA). With the support of the Federal University of Amazonas (Ufam), the Dance, Circus Activities and Gymnastics Program (Prodagin) and Studio W, a musical instruments studio that unites sustainability and passion for music.

The show was the first performance by the independent company from Manaus in 2023. After the exhibition in the capital of Amazonas, Circo Caboclo was able to complete the first project this year. “The activities were well carried out, both the presentations, which had a good repercussion in the media and among people in the cultural area. Several people sent me messages saying that they loved the performances, saying that they had been to the theater a long time in advance, already afraid of not being able to attend the show”,

argued the acrobat Jean Winder.

“A sense of mission accomplished when everything we planned has happened. Basa came and supported the actions, both the shows and the workshops, which received very positive feedback. Circus artistic training, like Manaus, Belém also has a difficulty in the same aspect”, he adds.

Caboclo Circus

Laísa Silva and Jean Winder Photo: Paulo Desana

The “Floating Experience — Acrobatic Show” project is carried out by Cia Circo Caboclo. Created in 2017, the arts company is dedicated to research and artistic production through circus language, in the city of Manaus.

Founded by Amazonian artist Jean Winder, CIA Circo Caboclo proposes the exchange of questions and experiences between artists from Chile, Argentina and Brazil to establish and produce artistic processes among Latin American professionals and redefine “frontiers” through art and technology. More company details on Instagram: @circocaboclo.

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