Firefighter from Amapá is the only woman to complete a rescue diving course – News of Brazil

Firefighter from Amapá is the only woman to complete a rescue diving course – News of Brazil

Mother, daughter, soldier, obstinate and pioneer. These are some of the attributes of the sergeant of the Military Fire Department (CBM-AP), Samantha Amaral, who participated in the Scuba Diving Course, held by the Pernambuco corporation.

There were 45 intense days of training. In addition to being the only female firefighter in the group of 14 soldiers, she was the second woman from Amapá to complete training in rescue diving.

Samantha says that at first she felt the weight of the responsibility of representing the state on the course, but the desire to be an example for other women, for her mother and for her children was the biggest motivation, and the achievement came!

“I wanted to show the strength, determination and professionalism of women, especially an Amapá woman. The feeling of achievement is just wanting others, like me, to achieve their dreams, whether in courses or in any other area. I just want men and women to know that it is never too late, and nothing is impossible.”she said emotionally.

And the course, one of the most complex in Public Safety in terms of deep diving, was a dream come true for the firefighter. According to the soldier, since joining the corporation 10 years ago, this was a personal and professional goal.

Samantha doesn’t hide the excitement in her words and the enthusiasm she has for diving. “I love diving, I love my profession and I try to be good at what I do to serve those in need,” said Samantha.

Miss home

Samantha is a mother of three children. Flávia, 18 years old, Camila, 6 years old, and the youngest, Samuel, 4 years old. Even before going to Pernambuco, the soldier’s struggle had already started here, having to manage the logistics of how her children would be without her in Macapá, during the course. The professional had a reliable support network: her parents.

During the more than 40 days she was in training, she says that it was not the physical pain that made her cry, but rather, the longing for home, her parents and, of course, her children.

“Being able to manage my life there and my children who stayed here in Amapá, I really missed it. Being in a far away state, I felt homesick and I hoped everything would be fine here. [em Macapá]. If your head isn’t right, if your mind is shaken, you won’t be able to continue. Thank God, I had support from my mother and father.”thank you.

In addition to the support at home, Samantha also reports that she received help from other people in Pernambuco while she was on the course. She remembers that she lived in the barracks, but in the end everything worked out.

The course

The training took place between September 25th and November 9th. Firefighters from Amapá, Pernambuco and Rio Grande do Norte participated. The course completion ceremony took place on November 13th, at the Rescue Firefighters Group, in Pernambuco, where the graduates received their certificates.

The training is considered one of the most difficult in the Brazilian Fire Department, as it requires great resistance and techniques consistent with the modality from the soldiers. Classes take place in deep waters, to rescue victims, which are generally fatal, due to the depth at which they are located and removed from the places of occurrence.

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