Find out the details about the NFL game in Brazil – 02/06/2024 – Sports

Find out the details about the NFL game in Brazil – 02/06/2024 – Sports

The first NFL (professional American football league in the United States) match in Brazil will be held on September 6, 2024 and one of the participating teams will be the Philadelphia Eagles. The opponent should be known in the coming weeks, according to the event organizers.

The information was released on Monday (6) by the league. Corinthians’ stadium in the east of São Paulo, the Neo Química Arena, will host the match.

In December, the black and white team announced that the stadium in Itaquera had been chosen to host the inaugural NFL match in the southern hemisphere, in a game valid for the league’s 2024/25 season.

Founded in 1933, the Philadelphia Eagles won the Eastern Conference title four times (1960, 1980, 2004 and 2017) and the Super Bowl once, in 2018, beating the New England Patriots in the decision.

The predominant green color on the team’s uniforms generated comments on social media, due to the fact that it refers to Palmeiras, the home team’s rival.

Nine teams emerge as the Eagles’ possible opponents in the match in Brazil, based on the team’s game schedule for the season. They are the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Washington Commanders, Cleveland Browns, Atlanta Falcons, Jacksonville Jaguars, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers and Carolina Panthers.

According to the organizers, the Corinthians stadium was chosen because it had the appropriate dimensions to hold the game. Before approval, inspections were carried out on items such as mobility, hospitality, security and infrastructure.

Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona and Madrid were also in contention to host the event. In the current season, London, England, and Frankfurt, Germany, hosted matches from the US American Football League.

The agreement to bring the match to Brazil had the support of São Paulo City Hall. Mayor Ricardo Nunes was in Dallas at the end of last year, during the annual meeting of the owners of the 32 NFL teams, to sign the contract that sanctioned the game in the capital of São Paulo.

According to Nunes, the event will generate jobs and income for the city. City Hall expects at least 10,000 Americans to watch the game at the stadium.

“Having this historic spectacle on the eve of Independence Day and generating a major economic impact and job creation for São Paulo will highlight our city as a globally relevant destination for the most exciting sporting and entertainment events in the world,” said Nunes.

“Bringing the NFL to new continents, countries and cities around the world is an important element of our plan to continue growing the sport globally,” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. “Brazil has established itself as a key market for the NFL, and we are excited to play in the country for the first time.”

According to league estimates, there are around 38.3 million people in Brazil who declare themselves fans of the sport, behind only Mexico, with 39.6 million, and the United States.

“With the global growth of our sport being a top priority for our league, we embrace the opportunity to expand our fan base around the world and bring Eagles football to the 38 million sports fans in Brazil. As one of the nation’s The most culturally diverse country in the world, Brazil is an international melting pot, and we look forward to experiencing its warm, vibrant and welcoming environment later this year,” said Jeffrey Lurie, president and CEO of the Philadelphia Eagles.

“This news is a great joy, because there will be talk about American football, promoting the sport, a lot of people will be interested in this event”, said Cristiane Kajiwara, president of the CBFA (Brazilian Confederation of American Football).

According to the director, the intention is to take advantage of the Brazilian public’s increased interest in the sport because of the game to promote the practice of the sport more widely in Brazil. “We can be a very attractive modality and an attractive product too”, said the president of CBFA.

In October, the CBFA signed a partnership with the NFL with the aim of promoting sport in the country. The agreement between the parties aims to disseminate “flag football” among young Brazilians, a sport similar to American football, but with less impact. The sport was recently included in the calendar for the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

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