Deputy wants to annul Lula’s decree that increases the value of ministers’ travel

Deputy wants to annul Lula’s decree that increases the value of ministers’ travel

Federal deputy Messias Donato (Republicanos-ES) presented a Legislative Decree Project (PDL) 7/2024 to annul the federal government’s decree that increased daily travel costs for public employees by between 34.7% and 57.4% federal government, including ministers of state.

The increase in daily rates for official travel was published by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), in December last year, and will be granted from February 15th. The money, which can be used for accommodation, food and transportation, will, in some cases, reach R$900.

According to Donato, this decision is questionable given “a challenging economic scenario” in which the government recorded “an alarming deficit of R$230 billion in 2023”.

He highlights the more than R$2.11 billion spent on travel alone last year, the highest number recorded since 2014, according to the Transparency Portal. “Only on the president’s international trips, the Brazilian people spent at least R$45 million in 2023. And in the first month of 2024 alone it was R$13.81 million.”, he told People’s Gazette.

For the presidential decree to be overturned, the PDL must be approved in committees or urgently in the plenary by both legislative houses.

In addition to the PDL, the deputy from Espírito Santo also presented information request 43/2024 to the Minister of Management and Innovation in Public Services, Esther Dweck, to justify such additions.

In the request, Donato questions the minister about the justification for the increase in daily rates and how the government intends to deal with the fiscal impact resulting from this increase. He also wants to know whether there was public consultation or debate before making such a decision; and whether the government will cut spending in other areas to support the new amounts.

“There is a growing demand for clarifications and plausible responses that justify such a decision, considering the sacrifices required of the population in times of crisis”, recalls the deputy.

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