Júnior Favacho presents the economic potential of Amapá to Sicoob representatives – News of Brazil

Júnior Favacho presents the economic potential of Amapá to Sicoob representatives – News of Brazil

At the invitation of the state deputy Junior Favacho (MDB), representatives of the Brazilian Credit Cooperative System (Sicoob) visited Amapá with the aim of identifying possible areas of activity for the financial institution. The pair of executives visited ventures in the logistics, energy and agribusiness sectors, and met with the mayor of Macapá, Antonio Furlan, and with the state governor, Clécio Luís.

The president of the Sicoob Board of Directors, Miguel Ferreira, and the institution’s commercial superintendent, Luciano Ribeiro, had an extensive agenda in Amapá, talking to businesspeople, rural producers and getting to know enterprises that can benefit from Sicoob’s actions. According to Júnior Favacho, who was the organizer of the visit, expanding the institution’s operations in the state could be fundamental to promoting business in the region.

“I was in Brasília at the invitation of the Ministry of Agriculture (Mapa) and had the opportunity to talk to Sicoob representatives, who presented the extremely important work they are carrying out across the country in promoting small, medium and large businesses, mainly in the agribusiness sector. I immediately invited them to visit Amapá and see our development potential up close, and the countless possibilities they have to contribute to the development of our state”he said.

Alongside the parliamentarian, Sicoob representatives visited rural producers’ farms in the municipality of Porto Grande, visited the Minasol company, which manufactures voltaic panels, the Teconap Container Terminal, in Santana, and the facilities of Companhia Docas de Santana. Miguel Ferreira stated that he saw enormous potential in Amapá that could become reality with a more effective presence of Sicoob in the state, and that he has already outlined strategies to make this approach happen.

“We first came to see everything that Amapá has to offer and we were impressed by the potential that this state has, with productive and mechanized land, good climate and various benefits. We have 335 cooperatives working with Sicoob today, and, from this trip, we want to carry out a mapping to bring here cooperatives with the capacity to respond to Amapá’s demands. I am sure that Sicoob has a lot to offer this state”, he stated.

Miguel took the opportunity to congratulate the work of deputy Júnior Favacho in this work to bring financial institutions and investors closer together with businesspeople and producers from Amapá. “We met Júnior in Brasília and noticed in him a determination to help develop Amapá, as well as an enormous capacity for articulation, which is fundamental when talking about development. He said that more important than hearing about Amapá’s potential was meeting in person, and that’s what we did.”

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Upon receiving representatives from Sicoob, governor Clécio Luís said that the institution can contribute significantly to the development of the state. “We are living a new moment in Amapá, especially in the agribusiness sector. We want to guarantee political and legal security for rural producers who want to invest here, and the work that Sicoob already carries out throughout Brazil can be fundamental to providing the financial support that these producers need”he stated.

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