Deputy Dorinaldo wants Ebserh to make pediatricians available to Hu Amapá – News of Brazil

Deputy Dorinaldo wants Ebserh to make pediatricians available to Hu Amapá – News of Brazil

Congressman Dorinaldo Malafaia (PDT) requested that the Brazilian Company of Hospital Services (Ebserh) make available to Amapá, on an emergency basis, 10 pediatricians to reinforce care in the state in the face of the outbreak of respiratory syndromes in children. The request was made by letter on Tuesday (23), addressed to the company’s president, Arthur Chioro.

During the week, the parliamentarian continued to seek support from the Ministry of Health to reinforce health professionals in the local hospital network due to the increase in registered hospitalization cases. According to data from the Government of Amapá, until Wednesday (24), more than 200 children in Amapá are hospitalized with some flu syndrome.

Malafaia suggested in the request that the University Hospital of Unifap (HU), which has an open competition for professionals from different areas, carry out the call for the reserve register of 10 pediatricians already approved in the competition of the Brazilian Company of Hospital Services (Ebserh).

“Unfortunately, the number of children hospitalized in the flu outbreak in Amapá is still high and growing. I sent a letter to the president of Ebserh so that, in view of the emergency situation, he summons 10 pediatricians from the reserve register. Together with the articulations made with the Ministry of Health, we are supporting the State in facing the crisis”, declared Dorinaldo.

Since when the State Government declared the emergency situation, the parliamentarian has articulated support from the MoH and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), aiming to intensify prevention and care strategies in the hospital network. Dorinaldo also defends that the HU starts working in all its intensity for the population of Amapá.

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