Deputies hired people denounced in anti-democratic acts – 05/25/2023 – Panel

Deputies hired people denounced in anti-democratic acts – 05/25/2023 – Panel

At least four federal deputies hired employees in the 2022 election campaign who later participated in anti-democratic acts in Brasília on January 8.

The data were collected by the office of Deputy Duda Salabert (PDT-MG) from the intersection of information on those investigated by the STF (Federal Supreme Court) for participation in the attacks with the accountability of past elections.

Bibo Nunes (PL-RS), Paulo Abi-Ackel (PSDB-MG), Otoni de Paula (MDB-RJ) and Igor Timo (Pode-MG) are in this relationship.

Bibo Nunes, for example, hired Tatiane da Silva Marques for R$5,000. She is among the first hundred complaints made by the PGR (Attorney General of the Republic) and accepted by the STF.

Through his advisory, Nunes informed that Tatiane was hired as an electoral corporal, that the deputy spoke to her after the elections to comment on the result, but that he did not speak to her again since then and did not know of her participation in the attacks on the Three Powers.

Otoni de Paula hired Robson da Silva for R$3,500. The parliamentarian said that Robson was hired by one of his campaign coordinators as a driver, but that he did not maintain any contact with him afterwards. He further stated that, after being approached by the Panel, he asked his team to question him about his participation in anti-democratic acts and that he replied that he was not in Brasilia on January 8.

Paulo Abi-Ackel (PSDB-MG) paid R$ 1,000 to the former mayor of Palma (MG) João Antônio Pereira referring to the rent of a property for the installation of the local campaign committee for 30 days.

“Political choices are matters of the former mayor’s heart and have nothing to do with the parliamentary activity of federal deputy Paulo Abi-Ackel or his ideological position. Quite the contrary, the deputy has always spoken out against extremes in politics and has always defended the return of the political center to the command of the country”, he said in a note.

Igor Timo hired Luiz Fernando de Souza Alves for R$ 1.2 thousand. The parliamentarian did not respond until the publication of this note.

Based on the information collected, Duda Salabert will file with the CPMI on January 8, of which he is a member, requests to break the secrecy of those investigated in the STF to determine whether there is a relationship between hiring in the campaigns and participation in the attacks. She also asks for clarification about the relationship between those cited and the parliamentarians who hired them.

Congress installed this Thursday (25) the CPI of January 8, made up of federal deputies and senators, and elected federal deputy Arthur Maia (União Brasil-BA) as president and senator Eliziane Gama (PSD-MA) as president. rapporteur.

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