Davi Alcolumbre joins the gallery of presidents of the National Congress – News of Brazil

Davi Alcolumbre joins the gallery of presidents of the National Congress – News of Brazil

The gallery of Senate presidents, in the Salão Nobre, is complete. In a ceremony this Wednesday afternoon (24), the collection was updated with portraits of Davi Alcolumbre (União-AP) and Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), who have held the Presidency of the House for the past four years. Five portraits that had been vandalized during the January 8 invasions were also restored and replaced.

Among those present, in addition to those honored, were former presidents of the House Tião Viana and Eunício Oliveira and the Minister of Planning and Budget, Simone Tebet, representing the former president of the Senate Ramez Tebet, his father.

“The House reaffirms its commitment to democracy and Brazil’s political memory. The records of the debates and the works of art that we keep are part of the heritage of Brazilian society. The opening of our spaces and archives is part of the work to strengthen citizenship, a foundation of the Federative Republic of Brazil”, spoke the current president, Rodrigo Pacheco.

Pacheco’s predecessor, Senator Alcolumbre, praised the bravery of both the parliamentarians and the collaborators who have acted since the January 8 attacks.

“Courage is the first of the qualities of a being. Without it, no other virtue appears. Brazilians expect from us the answers to urgent problems: hunger, misery and unemployment. That’s why we’re here.” he said.

Historic mark

The presidents’ gallery was inaugurated in February 2005 to register the images of all the leaders of the Senate since its foundation. The works were all painted in oil by the plastic artist Urbano Vilella. On January 8, two paintings by José Sarney, two by Renan Calheiros and one by Ramez Tebet were damaged, and the author repainted four of them.


With a notably conciliatory profile, Senator from Amapa Davi Alcolumbre was the youngest president of the National Congress (2019-2020 biennium) in history. He was also the first Jew to assume the Presidency of the Federal Senate.

President of Congress in a Legislature marked by high parliamentary renewal, he stood out for his dialogue, the search for consensus, and for being a defender of balance, harmony and respect between the powers.

In March 2020, when the world faced the threat of COVID-19, President Alcolumbre took a courageous step to guarantee the functioning of democracy in due time. In an unprecedented way, the remote deliberation system was implemented, which ensured that the Senate approved important projects for the country in a unique way. We were the first parliament in the world to hold sessions and votes remotely. The decisions taken were decisive in saving lives and guaranteeing a fully functioning democracy.

Re-elected Senator of Amapá in the last election, he was also re-elected chairman of the Constitution, Justice and Citizenship Commission – CCJ of the Senate.

Source: Senate Agency

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