Debate over oil in Amapá is a media war, says expert from the Industry Observatory – News of Brazil

Debate over oil in Amapá is a media war, says expert from the Industry Observatory – News of Brazil


Cleber Barbosa
of the Editor

Petrobras held, in recent days, two events to defend oil and gas exploration on the Brazilian equatorial margin. Considered a possible “new pre-salt”the region covers an area that goes from the sea coast of Rio Grande do Norte to Amapá, extending from the mouth of the Oiapoque River to the north coast of Rio Grande do Norte, covering the hydrographic basins at the mouth of the Amazon River.

The exploration of the region, which includes maritime areas located approximately 550 kilometers from the mouth of the Amazon River, is strongly opposed by environmental, media and international groups who question the expansion of hydrocarbon exploration, identified as the main responsible for the warming of the earth.

Aware of the opposition they face in exploring the region, the oil company has held meetings on the topic in recent years: one in São Luís, Maranhão, with governors from the North and Northeast, and another this Thursday (21), in Brasília, with representatives of the Legislative, Executive, the press and civil society.

Public opinion

In Brasília, Petrobras’ executive exploration manager, Jonilton Pessoa, argued that it is necessary to show society that it is not yet possible to abandon oil production, and that the objective must be to diversify renewable energy sources. He highlighted that it is oil that will finance the energy transition to less polluting sources.

“We have to communicate that it is necessary, to survive in the future, to have a diversity of energy sources, not ending up with a certain source. This is a fact. There is no way you can end oil today with the dependence we still have on it in all industries”he argued.


Furthermore, he stated, if Brazil does not discover new fields, it will need to increase oil imports from 2028 onwards. “The pre-salt is thriving. It’s a great discovery, but it’s finite. If we don’t make this discovery now, in seven or ten years we may have to import hydrocarbons”he stated.

The Petrobras meeting, in Brasília, was attended by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI), who defended the possible gains for the sector that the exploration of the equatorial margin can bring.

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