Daniel case: Edison Brittes is convicted of killing a player – 03/20/2024 – Daily life

Daniel case: Edison Brittes is convicted of killing a player – 03/20/2024 – Daily life


Edison Brittes Júnior, 36, known as Juninho, was sentenced to 42 years, 5 months and 25 days in prison in an initially closed regime for the murder of former São Paulo player Daniel. He, who was a confessed defendant, has already been in prison for more than five years as the main suspect in the athlete’s death.

Daniel Corrêa Freitas was 24 years old when he was found dead in October 2018. His throat was partially cut and his genitals were cut, according to police.

The sentence of the Jury Court of São José dos Pinhais, in the metropolitan region of Curitiba, was read by judge Thiago Flores Carvalho on Wednesday night (20), after three days of trial.

Edison’s wife, Cristiana Brittes, was acquitted of the crime of murder, but was sentenced to one year in open prison for procedural fraud and coercion during the process.

The couple’s daughter, Allana Emilly Brittes, was sentenced to 6 years, 6 months and 6 days in prison, having been sentenced to prison in plenary. She is responsible for procedural fraud, corruption of minors and coercion of the course of the process.

The Brittes family’s defense stated that they will appeal, with the aim of nullifying the jury and reviewing the calculation of the sentence applied to Edison.

The other four accused of involvement in the murder were acquitted, they are: David Willian Vollero Silva, Ygor King, Eduardo Henrique Ribeiro da Silva, and Evellyn Brisola Perusso. All decisions can be appealed.

The jury of the seven accused of participating in Daniel’s death began on Monday morning (18). In total, 13 witnesses were heard, including two confidential.

The player was found dead in a thicket in São José dos Pinhais. It all happened after the 18th birthday party of Edison Brittes’ daughter, Allana, on the night of October 26, 2018, which also included Daniel, in a nightclub in Curitiba. The party continued the next morning at the Brittes’ house.

Edison Brittes claimed, in a statement to the police, that he committed the crime because Daniel had tried to rape his wife.

The investigation concluded by the Civil Police showed, however, that there was no attempted rape by the player against Cristiana. Furthermore, Cristiana and her daughter Allana lied in their statement to the police, according to investigators.


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