Clécio shows that good salaries depend on containing expenses and balancing accounts – News of Brazil

Clécio shows that good salaries depend on containing expenses and balancing accounts – News of Brazil


Douglas Lima

In an interview with the Daily Communication System, on the morning of this Wednesday, 3, the governor Clécio Luís did the math and found that in one year, three months and three days in office, he had already promoted an 18.38% salary adjustment to the state’s education sector, gave a linear increase to civil servants, of 10.6%, and paid around 13 thousand progressions.

The interview was about the announcement made by the governor himself, the day before, regarding the 5% adjustment for all civil servants, and 8.62% for education, to be received at the end of April. Clécio made it clear that the Broad Consumer Price Index (IPCA), accumulated in one year, was 4.14%, and he rounded the linear increase to 5%.

Adding the current salary increase of 5% to last year’s – 5.65% – we arrive at 10.6%; in education, the sum involves an adjustment of 9.76%, in 2023, with the current 8.62%. As for progressions, around 13 thousand have already been settled so far, more than three thousand were paid in the first quarter of 2024 alone.

Governor Clécio said that the readjustments and payments were possible in such a short time in government due to the expense containment measures taken in management of silent, exhausting work to balance Amapá’s accounts, at the same time that there is all an effort to improve the state’s economy.

First-hand, the Amapá governor informed that an event is being planned with businesspeople from all over the world to show them the potential and business opportunities that the state can offer. The location of the event is being discussed with the following possibilities: Macapá, Brasília, São Paulo or outside the country.

“By unlocking our economy, we will always keep our servers’ payments up to date, and give fair raises”said Clécio Luís, to mention one more item that he considers a victory for his government: the teacher who enters the state today starts receiving R$ 5,874.00 in salary, an amount higher than the national minimum for the category, which is R$ 4,580, 00.

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