Hungarian Embassy in Brazil fires employees after Bolsonaro’s stay

Hungarian Embassy in Brazil fires employees after Bolsonaro’s stay


The Hungarian Embassy in Brazil fired, this week, two Brazilian employees who provided services to the agency, a week after the North American newspaper The New York Times (NYT) reveal that former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) spent two days staying there in February.

The dismissal of the employees was informed by the CNN Brazil and for GloboNews. A People’s Gazette contacted the embassy and is awaiting a response.

According to initial information, the dismissals were not formally justified, but one of them worked as secretary to Ambassador Miklós Halmai, while the other worked as a general maintenance officer.

The investigation shows that the two fired employees had real-time access to the embassy’s surveillance system. The recordings were stored in an unlocked room, but accessing them required a password.

In addition to the two fired employees, reports the GloboNewsanother five Brazilians work at the embassy, ​​including a driver, two cleaners and two gardeners.

Bolsonaro’s stay at the diplomatic representation occurred days after the seizure of his passport by the Federal Police during the execution of Operation warrants Tempus Veritatisas part of the investigation into an alleged coup attempt.

The report from the NYT presented videos from the internal circuit of the Hungarian Embassy in Brasília that showed Bolsonaro arriving and leaving the building. Such videos were not officially released by the Hungarian government.

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Under international law, embassies are considered inviolable by local authorities. This means that while a person is in the facility, they cannot be searched or arrested by local authorities.

After the release of the report from the NYT, minister Alexandre de Moraes gave Bolsonaro 48 hours to explain his stay at the Hungarian Embassy. In response, the former president’s defense argued that it would be “illogical” to suggest that the motivation for the stay was a request for asylum or an attempt to evade investigations.

These arguments were forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office (PGR), which has until the end of this week to send a position to Moraes.


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