City Hall holds extensive anniversary program for Macapá’s 266th anniversary – News of Brazil

City Hall holds extensive anniversary program for Macapá’s 266th anniversary – News of Brazil

This Sunday morning (4), a mix of love, faith and joy reflected the feelings of the people during the anniversary program for Macapá’s 266th anniversary. The thanksgiving mass was celebrated by Father Rafael Donneschi, at Saint Joseph’s Cathedral, in the central area of ​​the city.

The church was full of faithful who followed the homily on the 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time, with tributes to the festive day.

“It is important to have a beautiful city and also a people who practice fraternity, equality, dignity and respect”, mentioned the priest when congratulating the city and its residents.

The mayor of Macapá, Dr. Furlan, highlighted a speech by the priest during the homily, which has to do with the politician’s role in relation to the city and the little time people dedicate to family interaction, outside of internet applications.

“The priest said that our role as a politician is to take care of people. And I want to say that one of our priorities is to lift our young people and our children out of hopelessness. We have created public spaces, squares, avenues, sports complex, among other environments so that people can have fun, create bonds and healthy time with friends and family”, highlighted Dr. Furlan, leaving a message of love and faith in honor of Macapá . “May God bless our Macapá even more! May it continue to be the jewel city of the Amazon and this place that we are all proud to live in”, concluded the mayor.

The mass ended with the Vozes do Coração choir, composed of city hall employees, singing songs from Amapá Popular Music.

Then, the Encontro das Bandeiras began, with the participation of representatives from different groups and traditional families to the sound of drums and thieves from Mara Baixo.

The meeting featured the groups Marasobre do Pavão, Marasobre do Daniel, Maramaior Herdeiros da Tradição, Maramaior Berço das Tradições, Raízes da Favela, Maramaior Estrela do Renascer and Maramaior São Benedito do Coração.

The Mayor of Macapá and the first lady Rayssa Furlan participated in the marabaixa circle with the groups, and continued in a procession to the cake cutting location.

Hundreds of people gathered, waiting for the “Attack” signal, which is already a tradition during the festival.

The person who got carried away by the tradition of attacking the cake was tourist Luciano Rueda, from the city of São José do Rio Pardo, in the interior of São Paulo. ”I came at the invitation of my friend Roni and joined in the fun. It’s delicious here, and the cake is wonderful,” said Rueda.

Christiane Braga, responsible for producing the cake, informed that around 300 kg of flour, 350 liters of milk and 3 thousand eggs were used to prepare 50 meters of cake, in addition to the other ingredients. According to her, a team of almost ten people was needed to make the cake, which was made in parts and then joined together on site.

“I’m from Macapá and it’s a pride to be part of this history. Rest assured that this cake was made with great care for the citizens of Macapá. And just like the size of the cake, it grows every year, may our love for Macapá continue to grow”, said the baker.

Within minutes, the cake was consumed by the public.

Also this Sunday, the mayor handed over Praça Povos do Meio do Mundo, and the monument built in honor of the indigenous, black, caboclo and riverside peoples, on Rodovia Josmar Chaves Pinto, an area close to Marco Zero in Ecuador.

The anniversary program continues until the evening, with shows by local and national artists from the samba and pagode group, Pixote.

All events are in partnership with the departments of Health (Semsa), Labor, Economic Development and Innovation (Semtradi), Municipal Institute of Tourism (MacapaTur), Municipal Culture Foundation (Fumcult), Urban Zeladoria, CTMac and Municipal Guard.

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