‘Circuito Sedel’ basketball champions defined, in celebration of Macapá’s 266th anniversary – News of Brazil

‘Circuito Sedel’ basketball champions defined, in celebration of Macapá’s 266th anniversary – News of Brazil

In an exciting contest full of skill, the teams from Amauto, for men, and Cibe, for women, were the great champions of the basketball tournament that was part of the mega sports program ‘Circuito Sedel Cidade de Macapá’, promoted by the State Government to celebrate the 266th anniversary of the capital, which lasted throughout Sunday (04).

Attracting the attention of enthusiasts and those passionate about the sport, the tournament coordinated by the State Secretariat for Sports and Leisure (Sedel) brought together 11 male and female teams, with athletes from Amapá and guests from the state of Pará, at the Avertino Ramos Gymnasium.

With a team formed almost a year ago and on the rise in the state, Amauto demonstrated personality and won the final against the J98 team, from Belém-PA, by a score of 67 to 49 points. In the women’s category, Cibe confirmed its favoritism and beat the RBD team by a score of 80 to 34, finishing the competition undefeated.

The champions were awarded trophies and medals, as well as a cash amount. The program also reinforced the importance of local sport as a catalyst for joy and overcoming, valuing common sports among young people and adults in the capital’s squares.

“The tournament is not only a sporting battlefield, but also a celebration of the passion for basketball that unites our community”, highlighted the Secretary of Sports, Rudney Cunha.

Strengthening local sport
Cibe champion, nursing academic Evelyn Froz, aged 22, has been playing basketball for 8 years. The athlete found out about the competition through the State Government’s social media and mobilized her friends to participate. According to her, unity and solidarity among the team were essential to emerge with the competition trophy.

“What led us to register for the competition was our purpose of always strengthening women’s basketball and favoring the sport in some way, giving more visibility to the sport in the category. It was rewarding to participate in this competition with my team”, explains Evelyn.

The mega sports program with more than 22 sports became a milestone in the festivities of the capital of Amapá, adding rhythm to the state’s sports calendar. The runner-up athlete with RBD, Silvane Baia, 18 years old, says that the team’s participation in the tournament was motivated by the desire to represent the basketball community and celebrate the city’s anniversary through sport.

“In addition to healthy competition, I had the opportunity to meet other local athletes, exchange experiences and strengthen sporting ties in the city. Participating in events like this not only enriches the sporting calendar, but also contributes to the collective spirit and community unity through sport”, highlights the young woman.

Sedel Circuit
To celebrate the 266th anniversary of the state capital, the Government of Amapá promoted the “Circuito Sedel Cidade de Macapá”, with a mega and extensive sports program with tournaments in different modalities, from cycling to electronic games.

The event, which brought together more than 20 sports, involved around 4 thousand participants, in different parts of the city, until February 4th, Macapá’s anniversary.

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