Chama Church presents Easter show “Ben Iêdid” in Manaus

Chama Church presents Easter show “Ben Iêdid” in Manaus


Manaus (AM) — Igreja Chama Church will hold the Easter show “Ben Iêdid- Filho Amado” next weekend (29, 30 and 31). The event takes place in the church’s temple, located on Avenida Bispo Pedro Massa, nucleus 5, Cidade Nova, next to the Live academy, North Zone of Manaus.

This year, the show is in its third edition and deals with the theme “orphanhood”. The story takes a journey through the Bible and shows how a rebellious son took all humanity away from God, making all spiritual orphans. To rescue his children, God sends Jesus to carry out the plan of salvation, as senior pastor Richard Mattos explains.

“The central message of the Bible is that of a loving father, who fathered children and always wanted a deep relationship with them. God’s first family went to heaven and there an orphan rebelled. The root of orphanhood was born in Lucifer’s heart, he loses his place and God creates a new son, Adam. Lucifer ended up contaminating Adam’s heart and this orphanhood was passed from generation to generation. And the Father’s great dream is the day when the children of all peoples, races and nations will return home and have this encounter with their father. He wants to affirm our identity as beloved children,”

he said.

Samuel Franklin, actor who gives life to the character “Adam” for the second year in a row, talks about the responsibility of playing one of the most striking characters in the Bible.

“It’s a great challenge to play Adam, because he talks about the beginning of everything. He is together with God in creation. Adam was a man formed through the hands of God. We see that in the world, God formed everything through his mouth, but Adam did not. God formed him through his own hands. So, it’s a very big challenge because I need to imagine what it would be like if I were at the beginning of it all. Analyze what my relationship would be like if there were only me and God”, he highlights.

The show is in its third edition and deals with the theme “orphanhood” Photo: Disclosure

Another highlight of “Ben Iêdid- Filho Amado” is Lucifer, played by actress Paulinha Pereira. The character marks different moments in the show, from the fall of Adam to the sacrifice of Jesus to redeem humanity. The actress has played the role of the serpent and the fallen angel since the first edition of the play, titled “Tetelestai” and reveals details of how she prepared for the play.

“We have been bringing this story from the beginning. Beginning of heaven. And then I come like a serpent in the garden and then I come back to Lucifer again in the desert tempting Jesus and in the death of Judas. The first year was the most challenging of all because we have to study the character. We research other characters, go to the Bible, do a laboratory, an immersion for healing and liberation. This year we came with a very strong, differentiated work to bring the theme of the show.”

From the creation stage to the final presentation, the show takes around a year to complete and involves volunteers from different areas: script production, casting, choreography, production of original music, lighting, sound design, costumes and others. Pastor Richard reinforces the invitation and guarantees that it will be impossible not to be impacted by the message that will be presented.

“People can expect a transformation. They will not just leave enchanted, they will leave with a profound message of reflection, change and impact. If you haven’t signed up yet, don’t miss out. If you know someone with depression, a history of orphanhood, an identity crisis, or low self-esteem, this show is for you. It will be beautiful, powerful, a spectacle of a lot of art, a lot of light, but above all, a lot of God’s presence and transformation from heaven to earth. It will be worth every minute.”


The expectation is that this year 3 thousand people will attend the event in person. Most of them have already signed up, but there are still places open for the Premium Session, which takes place at 7pm next Friday (29).

Registration costs R$50 and can be done via the Chama Church page on Instagram (and also via the church’s PIX: 06.010.536/0001-74 (Ministério Chama Evangelística). Then, just send the receipt to WhatsApp ( 92) 98404-5474, with the description “Easter Show inscription”.

In addition to the Premium Session, the show will also be presented on Saturday (30), at 7pm, and on Sunday (31), in two sessions, one at 4pm and the other at 7pm. In these sessions, which have already been filled, people must bring one kilo of non-perishable food, which will be donated to riverside communities.

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