Candidates await the announcement of Prouni this Tuesday (6) – 02/06/2024 – Education

Candidates await the announcement of Prouni this Tuesday (6) – 02/06/2024 – Education

After an error in publishing the results of Sisu (Unified Selection System), the MEC (Ministry of Education) once again had difficulty delivering those approved for Prouni (University for All Program) this Tuesday (6).

Throughout the afternoon, the Single Portal for Access to Higher Education was offline and candidates were unable to access the results. A Sheet questioned the ministry, led by minister Camilo Santana, but received no response regarding the expected normalization of access.

On social media, candidates complain about the recurrence of publicity problems.

The failure and delay in delivering Sisu results had already had an impact on Prouni registrations, a program that grants scholarships to low-income students in private higher education institutions. Due to the delay, the ministry decided to extend registration for the program for another day.

Despite giving access to different universities, registrations at Sisu and Prouni are interconnected. According to the MEC, candidates registered with Sisu can register with Prouni. However, if you are selected by both, you have to choose one of the two programs.

Exactly one week ago, on Tuesday (30), the MEC had planned to publish the list of those approved in Sisu, but claimed that due to “technical problems in the system” it had to postpone the consultation and had to postpone the publication. It was only the following day that the results were published.

The failure frustrated students. Some of them managed to access the page and saw that they had been approved at the universities to which they applied. When the official results came out, these students discovered that they did not get the place they had selected.

The MEC confirmed that there was an improper disclosure of provisional results, which had not yet been approved. According to the folder, the data was available for 25 minutes. The incident is being investigated.


These were not the only flaws in the selection process for higher education in the current administration of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT).

In addition to the students who were frustrated by the undue disclosure of results, around 50 thousand registered for the Enem test, whose score is used to access Sisu, were allocated to locations far from their homes. The notice guaranteed that participants would take the exam no more than 30 km away from their homes. Students reported distances of more than 40 km.

Upon admitting the problem, the ministry said that the definition of the test locations was made by Cebraspe (Brazilian Center for Research in Assessment and Selection and Promotion of Events), winner of the tender for the application of Enem 2023.

As there were reports of students considering giving up taking the exam, the MEC authorized these candidates to take the test on another date. But there were cases of students who preferred to take the exam on the original date and had to travel 33 kilometers.

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