Brazil presents candidacy to host the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championship – News of Brazil

Brazil presents candidacy to host the Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championship – News of Brazil

The Brazilian Gymnastics Confederation officially presented to the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) its candidacy to host the 2025 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup. The request, which has the support of the Federal Government, through the Ministry of Sport and the General Secretariat of the Presidency, was presented this Tuesday (14).

“We believe that the Brazilian request will sensitize FIG. We are a huge country, with great international weight and more than 200 million inhabitants. Brazil is increasingly passionate about Rhythmic Gymnastics, a modality that became the most successful in the country at the Pan-American Games in Santiago, ahead of other Olympic sports in Team Brazil’s medals table. Furthermore, Brazilian presence on the podiums at World Cup stages has become increasingly frequent. We see great admiration for our progress in the sport around the world. In view of this, I hope that FIG will look carefully at our request.”said the president of CBG, Luciene Resende.

The Brazilian candidacy’s confidence in victory increases due to the fact that it has the support of the Federal Government. This support materialized with the Government Declaration of Support, which was delivered by the Minister of Sports, André Fufuca: “Today is a historic day for Brazilian sport, especially for Rhythmic Gymnastics. We are announcing here, with the support of the Ministry of Sports, the guarantees that will give Brazil the right to host the 2025 World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship. We want to bring this championship to the Marvelous City, the city of Rio de Janeiro, to showcase to Brazil and the world the capacity and technical quality of our gymnasts. Brazil put on a show at the Pan American Games and in all the competitions in which it has participated, and it will be no different here at home.”

Source: Agência Brasil

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