An enchanting trip through Uzbekistan and its historical wonders – 03/21/2024 – Robson Jesus

An enchanting trip through Uzbekistan and its historical wonders – 03/21/2024 – Robson Jesus


The architecture lives up to the age of the ancient cities of Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand in Uzbekistan. This region formed an ancient trade route, which connected Asia to the rest of the world.

Today, the Silk Road has transformed into an unforgettable travel destination. As soon as I arrived at Tashkent airport, I visited Chorsu bazaar. I was able to see that the range of products is gigantic, containing horse meat, fruits, vegetables, clothes, baskets and, of course, spices! Next I went to the mausoleum of Sheikh Zaynudin, a place of pilgrimage and a notable example of Islamic religious architecture. Afterwards, I took a bus for 982 km to Khiva, a less visited city due to its distance from the capital.

I stayed for a few days, although these environments are more my “travel style”, as I can appreciate the more peaceful movement of smaller cities. After three days, I went by train to Bukhara and… it was love at first sight!

I don’t like to research in detail the destinations I will visit soon, as I believe this can take away some of the spontaneity; It even makes it impossible to have the feeling you get when you come across a beautiful place. There is no price to pay for the amplification that I feel occurs in my vocabulary when, for example, I get to know a scenario so different from where I grew up. Words like madrasa, mausoleums and blue mosques simply appear and gain meaning.

They are there, in front of me, and motivated me to hire a guide in order to enrich my experience. Portion of rice cooked with lamb, garlic, onions, carrots, raisins and apricots, or better said, plov. In addition to eating this tasty typical dish, I was able to enjoy the opportunity to dress in traditional clothes.

This cultural immersion provoked in me a feeling of “collective aggrandizement” in terms of humanity, and possibly what emerged in me, at that moment, was the feeling of belonging. I was just there, present, accepting and respecting that place, while I received the same from the environment.

However, I also needed to exercise my “healthy detachment”, since it wasn’t long before I hitchhiked towards a neighboring city. Samarkand, although restored by the Soviet Union, kept its buildings faithful to their original identity. Furthermore, its memory has marks left by the conquests of Alexander the Great and the feared Mongol Genghis Khan. Exploring these places is an opportunity to experience the rich cultural heritage, unique architecture and hospitality of the people.

A curiosity about the country is the importance of money, as the currency is one of the most devalued in the world; I even witnessed people receiving a box of matches or bullets as change instead of a coin.

From my public school days in Osasco, Greater São Paulo, I had no idea that one day I could be on the same ground as the stories that were told in my teaching material. But now, far from Brazil, hospitable Uzbekistan is a beautiful country with a remarkable personality. Possibly endowed with the ability to please the diversity of people on our planet in a big way, just as he did for me.

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