After theft, PUC-SP studies installing turnstiles on campus – 03/28/2024 – Education

After theft, PUC-SP studies installing turnstiles on campus – 03/28/2024 – Education


The São Paulo Foundation, responsible for the administration of PUC-SP (Pontifical Catholic University), said it is considering installing turnstiles on the Monte Alegre campus, in Perdizes, west of São Paulo.

The announcement, made in a note on Wednesday (27), follows the theft of six notebooks from a junior branch of the institution.

The text states that theft of objects from members of the academic community has been occurring regularly and that free access to the campus is a determining factor in this. He also says that groups specializing in theft of electronics operate in the region.

“We inform you that the São Paulo Foundation has started studies to place turnstiles on the Monte Alegre campus. Their placement must be carried out as a matter of urgency, which the situation deserves”, states the note.

Last Monday (25), PUC Júnior Consultoria, a company formed by university students, criticized the college after the computers were taken from the entity’s headquarters, which is located in the second basement of the building.

According to the statement issued by the students, the theft occurred on the afternoon of March 6, when they left to participate in an event and left the room unlocked. When they returned, the place was ransacked and the students’ equipment was gone. The group estimates the loss at R$30,000.

“Initially, out of respect for the PUC-SP institution, we, members of PUC Júnior, chose to keep the situation confidential, awaiting an attitude and positioning on their part, which did not happen. Thus, due to the lack of respect, commitment, transparency and mainly due to the university’s negligence, we chose to make the situation public knowledge”, says the note.

This Friday (27), the Dean of Culture and Community Relations told Folha that she had become aware of the theft by the students and instructed them to file a police report at the neighborhood police station to investigate the case.

The Public Security Secretariat, in turn, reported that the case is being investigated by the 23rd Police District (Perdizes).

In addition to this episode, on the 21st, a PUC-SP student was arrested on suspicion of participating in the kidnapping of a colleague, which occurred in December last year.


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