After missing Easter, Robinho makes a new request for freedom – 04/02/2024 – Sport

After missing Easter, Robinho makes a new request for freedom – 04/02/2024 – Sport


The defense of Robinho, 40, filed a new appeal with the STF (Superior Court of Justice) asking for the revocation of the former player’s prison sentence, sentenced to nine years in a closed regime for the crime of rape, as convicted by the Italian Court.

The letter to the STF was sent the day after the Easter holiday, when the former athlete was expecting to be home with his family, as they told the Sheet agents at the Tremembé prison, in the interior of São Paulo, where the former athlete has been serving his sentence since the 22nd.

In the request presented now, the former athlete’s lawyers reaffirm the argument that he must wait free until his case becomes final, that is, he no longer has any possible resources to reverse the decision that led to his arrest. There is no set deadline for considering this appeal.

“The decision deserves to be reformed because the issue is that of arrest before the final judgment and it seems to us that it is not reasonable to say that the case would be finalized by the Italian process”, said lawyer José Eduardo Alckmin to Sheet.

The thesis, according to him, is that there is “a final and unappealable decision in Brazil so that there are no more chances of appeals for the defendant and there is no way for him to retain his right to freedom”, he says. “Except for this hypothesis, all precipitation violates the presumption of innocence, which is not only for cases restricted to criminal actions, but anything that could lead to arrest.”

The former player, revealed by Santos and who defended the Brazilian team in the 2010 World Cup, is in prison by order of the STJ (Superior Court of Justice). By 9 votes to 2, the ministers validated Italy’s sentence that sentenced him to nine years in prison for the crime of gang rape. He has always denied having committed any crime.

The case occurred in 2013, and the victim was a young Albanian, in a nightclub in Milan. The first instance conviction took place in 2017.

Although the former athlete expressed hope for a quick reversal of the current situation, the first signs coming from the STF were not positive for him. In a monocratic decision, Minister Luiz Fux denied habeas corpus for the former player because, according to him, it had not been demonstrated that “the practice of illegal coercion restricted the patient’s freedom”.

Robinho’s lawyer believes that Fux should file a habeas corpus petition to be judged next week. “It may be that the minister prefers to immediately send it to the prosecutor’s office to collect the opinion and then perhaps it can be judged next week, on Tuesday (9) in the class, or on Wednesday (10) in the plenary [do STF]”, believes Alckmin.

The defender also says that he has been in contact with the ex-player’s family and that they also have another lawyer who makes periodic visits to the convict.

With an office based in Brasília, Alckmin works to find a defender he trusts who is closer to the prison in Tremembé to “constantly provide the necessary assistance” to the former athlete.

For now, he has not yet received a visit from any family member, but this is already being made possible by his lawyers. Since Monday (1), Robinho has left isolation in the penitentiary and can now receive visits that normally take place on weekends.

During the first days he was imprisoned, the former athlete occupied an 8 m² cell. Now, he already shares a space with at least four other people, in addition to having contact with the entire prison population.


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