Adidas launches 138 g sneakers, without plaque, and aims to break records – 09/14/2023 – In the Race

Adidas launches 138 g sneakers, without plaque, and aims to break records – 09/14/2023 – In the Race

I looked for something here at home that weighed just 138 grams. I confess that I didn’t find much. Fine books, some cutlery, a pot of yogurt.

For Adidas, 138 g is enough to break records.

The German company launches this Thursday (14) its newest high-performance model for medium and long distance races. At just 138 grams, the Adizero Adiós Pro Evo 1 is 40% lighter than any other running shoe ever created by the brand. Yes, FORTY PERCENT. This number gives the dimension of the impact that the model can have on competitions.

Adidas’ boldness continues. The Adiós Pro Evo 1 goes against the market, and does not have a carbon plate in its midsole. It’s just foam, leather and rubber.

“We set the goal of creating a running shoe full of technology, but with an unprecedented weight even for Adidas”, says Patrick Nava, vice president of products, running and sports at the company.

To be able to build such a light sneaker, the company invested in a new foam in the midsole, which is obtained from a compression-free modeling process. The result is a lighter and less dense structure. The shoe’s insole was also removed. The sole was changed, and the weight was shifted forward, to reinforce the feeling that the shoe pushes the runner forward. Finally, the upper uses screens and transparencies to take the concept of lightness to the limit.

The Adiós Pro Evo 1 has a 39mm midsole. Therefore, within the limit established by World Athletics of 40 mm for shoes used in international competitions. The difference between the height of the heel and the toe, the so-called “drop”, is 6 mm.

The sneaker took two years to develop, and during the refinement process it was tested by athletes sponsored by Adidas in Kenya.

During the virtual press conference, Adidas executives insisted that this is a sneaker for race day. This suggests that it delivers very high performance, but its useful life should be short.

Questioned by the blog Na Corrida, Adidas confirmed. “This shoe was optimized for speed, not durability, and designed to offer maximum support to athletes at the lowest possible weight,” the company responded in an official statement.

There is still no forecast for the start of sales of the sneaker. Nor is it known how much it will cost. (My bet: it won’t be cheap). Finally, it is not possible to anticipate whether all this lightness will actually translate into podiums and victories. What Adidas confirms is that the Adiós Pro Evo 1 should make its official debut at the Berlin Marathon, which takes place on September 24th. There is an expectation of elite athletes running with the model in Chicago and New York.

There is also the question of whether the Adiós Pro Evo 1 will replace the Adiós Pro 3 as Adidas’ main performance sneaker, and what impact its launch will have on the future of super board sneakers.

The answers to these questions will come with time. In Berlin, we will have some of them.

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