Leila gets protective measure and keeps Mancha away

Leila gets protective measure and keeps Mancha away

President of Palm treesLeila Pereira obtained, in court, a protective measure against three leading members of the Alvi Green Stain, the main organization linked to the club. The businesswoman and team sponsor claimed to have received threats during a uniformed protest in front of the headquarters of Crefisa, one of her companies, and went to the police and the courts.

In a decision handed down on August 24, judge Fabrício Reali Zia, determined that Jorge Luis Sampaio Santos, president of Mancha, and vice-presidents Thiago Melo, Pato Roko, and Felipe de Mattos, known as Fezinho, are prevented from having contact with Leila and must maintain a distance of at least 300 meters from the leader. If they do not respect the measure, they may be arrested preventively.

At the end of June, the organization held a protest aimed at Leila with banners and music, in front of Crefisa’s headquarters, in São Paulo. They expressed their dissatisfaction with the leader, who did not speak out. There was no criticism of the cast or coach Abel Ferreira.

The demonstration was broadcast live on Mancha Alvi Verde’s profile on a social network, which was mentioned by judge Reali Zia, who considered that “the main representative of the Palmeiras fans posted the aforementioned act on their profiles and, according to the victim, used yourself from the protest to promote yourself on your social networks.”

The magistrate highlighted some comments in the form of threats that would have been made during the live: “We have to shoot Leila”, “If you get me a gun, I’ll kill Leila”, “I’ll appear in the newspapers for having ordered the death of Leila”, “Isn’t it possible to use violence to charge Leila?”, “Leila should be beaten with iron bars”, “Wreath of flowers for Leila” and “We have to break down Crefisa’s headquarters.”

The judge mentions in his decision that Leila is a “public person” and “may suffer unnecessary embarrassment due to the exposure of her sensitive data to the public”. He ordered Instagram and X, formerly Twitter, to provide data on 19 users suspected of having threatened the leader.

In that protest, Mancha demanded hiring, questioned ticket prices and mocked the acquisition of a plane for Palmeiras’ use. The aircraft belongs to Leila Pereira’s company, Placar.

Then, in July, the fans even used one of the big screens in Times Square, a famous spot in New York located on important streets in the American city, to demand signings. “Where are our reinforcements?” read the message on one of the screens. At the time, Leila was on vacation in the United States.

The organization was Leila’s ally until the beginning of last year, when the businesswoman, in her first months as president of the club, broke with the uniform after the first protests she faced. The breakup made her ask for back R$200,000 that she had given to the group to take fans to Abu Dhabi for the Club World Cup.


Through her advisor, Leila Pereira said she does not comment on matters linked to Mancha Alvi Verde. Estadão also sought out the members of the organization. President of the fans, Jorge Luís Sampaio Santos stated that he had not been notified legally and said that he received with “strangeness” the decision that prevents him from approaching the agent.

“I don’t understand why this is. We, at no point, threatened her”, he claimed in contact with the report. “Everyone followed our protest. We asked for players and mocked the plane. At no time were we aggressive, neither in words nor in chants, nor in an official note. We did not threaten her,” he added.

Jorge claims that he and other cheerleaders never talked to or approached Leila every time they saw the president of Palmeiras after she broke with the organization.

“We are members of the club, we always meet her. We never spoke to her. We never offended her. Because if we did that, there is a mechanism to punish or expel us from the club,” he stated. “She might be feeling uncomfortable with our presence,” said the cheerleader.

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