act on june 4

act on june 4

Movements against corruption held a demonstration together with deputy Deltan Dallagnol (Podemos-PR), impeached by decision of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), and 20 opposition parliamentarians in the Chamber of Deputies, this Wednesday (24). The act was against censorship, in defense of freedom, in support of Dallagnol, and also to ask the population to protest against the aforementioned issues on June 4th.

“We will position ourselves on what we believe, as the population did in 2013. The people can and must place themselves as sovereign, above those who oppress them”, said Dallagonol.

He criticized the reaction of the “owners of power”, who suffered the unprecedented action since the advances of the Lava Jato operation. He also condemned unfair and political arrests, as well as the fear of posting on social networks.

“The system that revokes the mandates of those who oppose it needs to be confronted. In my case, 345,000 votes were silenced by people who expected change. We will honor them and we will not give up on Brazil, in favor of integrity, freedom and democracy. We will not bow down to those who make us suffer. Otherwise, we will not build the country we dream of, ”he said.

Among the entities that participated in the act in the Chamber were Ranking dos Politicos, Vem Pra Rua, Fora Corruptos, Grita and Curitiba Muda. “I will stand by those and others who have the courage to fight for justice, freedom and democracy”, said the impeached deputy.

Holding signs supporting the deputy, opposition lawmakers chanted “freedom and justice”.

As spokesman for the entities, Juan Carlos Gonçalves, director of the Ranking of Politicians, condemned the injustice against those who fought corruption and the imposition of censorship.

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