Zambelli complains about “attacks” after questioning Janja’s interference

Zambelli complains about “attacks” after questioning Janja’s interference


Federal deputy Carla Zambelli (PL-SP) said that “she has been the victim of a series of attacks from left-wing profiles on social media” after questioning an alleged interference by the first lady, Janja, in the trial of former player Robinho in the Superior Court of Justice (STJ).

The deputy filed a request for investigation with the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) against Janja due to a newspaper report The globewhich states that on the eve of the trial, the first lady had pressured the rapporteur of the case for the arrest of Robinho, who was convicted of rape in Italy.

In the request sent to the MPF on Sunday (31), the deputy says that the information published by the newspaper The globe indicate the “commitment of the crime of coercion during the course of the process” and highlights that the penalty provided for the crime of coercion, if confirmed, “increases from one third to half if the process involves a crime against sexual dignity”.

After the repercussion of the request to the MPF, Zambelli became the target of influencers and political leaders on social media, who accuse the deputy of “defending rapists”.

When reacting to the attacks, Zambelli shared on his social networks a video from 2016 in which he spoke in the Chamber as spokesperson for Movimento Nas Ruas.

In the speech, Zambelli defends the chemical castration project for rapists authored by then deputy Jair Bolsonaro. The issue faces strong opposition from left-wing parties.

“The left and its hypocrisy: they accuse us of what they are! At no time have I defended a criminal, much less the author of such a barbaric crime. It is worth noting that since 2015 I have defended chemical castration and the full rigor of the Law for those who commit rape. Punishment rejected by the same leftists who are now trying to distort my action. The issue I raised with the MPF is interference in our justice system, we cannot admit and normalize pressure on the judiciary. Even more so when the pressure comes from the wife of the President of the country” , wrote the deputy on her profile on the social network X.

In a note sent to People’s Gazettethis Tuesday (2), the deputy informed that she will present a request for the issue of chemical castration to be addressed urgently upon the return of the Chamber’s activities.

After the repercussion of the newspaper report The globe regarding the alleged interference of the first lady in the trial of former player Robinho, the rapporteur of the case at the STJ, minister Francisco Falcão, said in a statement that “he did not receive any type of interference or call from the first lady, Janja da Silva , whom he doesn’t even know.”

The minister also informed that his vote related to the Robinho case “was ready right after Carnival”.

The rapporteur’s vote was followed by eight other ministers. Only two voted against Robinho’s arrest in Brazil.

The former player was sentenced in Italy to 9 years in prison for rape. After the end of the trial in the Italian Court, it was up to the Brazilian Court to approve the decision.


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