With 259 attacks, RN should receive another 100 men from the National Force

With 259 attacks, RN should receive another 100 men from the National Force

O Northeast Integrated Intelligence and Public Security Center listed a series of 259 attacks recorded in the state of Rio Grande do Norte (RN) from last Tuesday (14) to this Saturday (18). The numbers were released by Secretary of State for Public Security. According to the paw, the serial attacks are promoted by a criminal faction that operates in drug trafficking in the state.

On Saturday, the federal government announced the sending of another 100 National Force to help curb criminal acts. Since Tuesday, the population of RN has been living with fires in public buildings, shops, vehicles and even homes, in addition to constant shootings.

A criminal police officer was killed with three shots in the early hours of Saturday and residents were forcibly removed from their homes in the capital, Christmas.

The signs of terror are still present on the streets in several places, but the balance of the State Executive – commanded by PT member Fátima Bezerra – points to a reduction in attacks with reinforcements to public security actions. The federal government had informed about the sending of 500 men from the National Force to the state, but it is not known how many men, in fact, work in Rio Grande do Norte at this moment. Now, the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Flávio Dino, said that another 100 will go to the RN.

Arrests and seizures

Since the first records of violence, 111 suspects have been arrested, of which three are apprehended teenagers, 11 were on the run from justice and were recaptured, and three are monitored by electronic anklets. In the latter case, one of them was arrested with a firearm, another with a gallon of gasoline and the third with a large amount of drugs.

Prisoners are being sent to the National Penitentiary System, which has five maximum security prisons: Catanduvas (PR), Mossoró (RN), Porto Velho (RO) Brasília (DF) and Campo Grande (MS).

The balance also confirms the seizure of 34 firearms, in addition to four fake weapons, 98 explosive devices and 23 gallons of gasoline. There are also 12 motorcycles, two cars, money, drugs, ammunition and stolen goods recovered.

The official discourse of the government of Rio Grande do Norte was that the reinforcement of public security agents and constant actions on the streets resulted in the reduction of criminal acts. The reduction in occurrences in this period is 74.8%, according to data from the State Executive.

Based on data from the Regional Integrated Public Security Intelligence Center – Northeast and the Statistical Information and Criminal Analysis Coordination of the State Department of Public Security, on Tuesday (14) 103 criminal acts were recorded throughout Rio Grande do Sul. North. On Friday (17) and Saturday morning (18), after a gradual drop in occurrences, there were 26 criminal acts including the murder of a criminal police officer in Natal.

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