Where is the card that came with the jewelry cases? – 03/18/2023 – Elio Gaspari

Where is the card that came with the jewelry cases?  – 03/18/2023 – Elio Gaspari

Admiral Bento Albuquerque changed his version in the case of the Arabian jewels, but the fundamental question remains: Where is the card that came with the cases?

Only he can determine who was sending the gift, to whom and why.

A gift without a card is a drug dealer thing.

Eremildo, the idiot

Eremildo is an idiot and joined the Respect for the Judiciary movement led by judges who don’t want to go back to face-to-face work. The asshole is against all forms of work, including virtual work, and believes that the movement is a good start to make his agenda viable.

The judges do not want to attend the workplace and threaten to say that a letter, defending this prerogative, already has the support of 800 magistrates. Their names, however, are not known. The idiot was enchanted by this detail. They don’t want to work the service and they protest and don’t show up, not even with their signatures.

Eremildo researched his circle of friends, made up of people who hate work. He was left with the suspicion that the source of this glorious movement is in a group of Labor Justice magistrates. The most uncomfortable with face-to-face work are judges who answer for courts in one state and live in another.

If the idea succeeds, Eremildo will launch a manifesto with the support of 40 million taxpayers who are filling out their income tax returns, entitled Respect for Idiots.

Libbs and Ricardo Boechat

Judge Dimitrios Zarvos Varellis, from the 11th Civil Court of São Paulo, condemned the Libbs laboratory to compensate R$ 1.2 million to the children of journalist Ricardo Boechat, who died in 2019 in a helicopter accident. Libbs listened in silence.

Typical case in which the powerful think they can do anything. The laboratory hired Boechat to give a lecture in Campinas, committing to transport him. The arrangement went hand in hand and Boechat ended up boarding a helicopter with an expired license. He gave what he gave.

In such a situation, chivalry suggested that the laboratory, a force with 2,700 employees, producing more than 50 million units of medication annually, accept its responsibility for the tragedy. No way.

Boechat’s heirs, assisted by lawyer Antônio Pitombo, went to court. Libbs tried everything, even saying that they had only hired Boechat to go to Campinas. As he returned to São Paulo in the helicopter, the problem was not the company’s. False.

In his sentence, judge Zarvos Varellis recalled “the need for punishment of the agent as a factor of discouraging the repetition of the conduct”.

It will still be a long time before big businessmen learn that it is not good for them to outsource responsibilities or believe that going to court frightens offended parties. If Libbs has learned, great.

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