Mourão: Government wants military as a 2nd category citizen – 03/18/2023 – Power

Mourão: Government wants military as a 2nd category citizen – 03/18/2023 – Power

Senator Hamilton Mourão (Republicanos-RS) states that the Lula government’s proposal to bar active duty military personnel from political positions aims to treat them as “second-class citizens”, and that the idea of ​​putting an end to GLO (Law Guarantee) operations and the Order) “it’s just to set the playground on fire”.

“If you have a person in the Army, Navy or Air Force with specific competence for a position, are you going to stop using that servant that we, the nation, trained, we got the means for him to study and improve? I’m going to leave this guy here, he’s only good for going to war'”, he tells Sheet.

Opposition to the government of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), the former vice-president of the Republic claims that he was not elected to “free up spending” and that of the gifts he received when he was in office, he only got a “cap” and ” bag”.

Mourão also says that it was Jair Bolsonaro (PL) who asked him to sign the promotion of former Federal Revenue Secretary Julio Cesar Vieira Gomes (involved in the Saudi jewelry case and investigated for alleged pressure to ease the punishment of the person responsible for invading confidential data former president’s enemies) and José de Assis Ferraz Neto, former undersecretary general.

What did mr. will you prioritize at the beginning of this term? During the campaign, I said that I had two major axes where I would focus my work. One linked to economic development, which is the issue of the major reforms that the country needs — I will be working on tax reform, the issue of administrative reform, support for agribusiness. And there is the social axis, which is a trilogy of health, education and security.

Mr. also support a new fiscal framework? How willing are you to contribute to government agendas? The reality is the following: the fiscal anchor that we have today, which is the spending ceiling, in my opinion, was doomed to failure. But it had its effect, which was to contain the expansion of public spending after, let’s say, the festival that was the second government of President Lula and the Dilma government [Rousseff]. So she braked this expansion, but […] the government was unable to invest. The level of investment has dropped to an all-time low. Then a new anchor is needed.

So mr. will help the government. As long as it’s doable, right? I’m not here to release spending.

Mr. stated that, in the case of jewels, the string will probably break on the weaker side. What did mr. meant? I am following this case based on what has been published in the press because I was never aware of this situation while I was vice president. You have, in theory, the transport of material that was a gift for the President of the Republic and his wife that could have been done through the diplomatic bag, in other ways. If there’s someone who transported it in a way that wasn’t correct, that person will end up paying.

What about former minister Bento Albuquerque? Mr. see him from the weaker side? I don’t know. Minister Bento is no child, is he? He has already given testimony to the Federal Police, which I do not know the content of. I know Minister Bento’s character and he wasn’t going to propose to do anything that was illegal.

After this scandal, Mr. began to question himself about something he received when he was vice? No, because all I got was a cap, a bag. So were the gifts I received. Those that were gifts, let’s say, of greater value, I left in the collection of the Vice-Presidency. There’s a warehouse there and they’re in the warehouse.

So when mr. says the rope will break on the weaker side, mr. Do you think Bolsonaro can explain himself? I think quietly, man. I think it’s a simple thing. The TCU has already given a five-day deadline. part of them [das joias] they are there at the Federal Revenue Service, at the Guarulhos airport. All you have to do is collect it and send it to the Presidency’s collection. That other package that would have stayed with the president, he delivers it and that’s it. The subject dies.

The Senate has promised to move forward on the jewelry and Abin case. As mr. do you want to take a stand? The case of jewelry I have nothing to do with that. I don’t have to take a stand on that.

I ask from the legislative point of view. This is a waste of time and I don’t see anyone wanting to create CPI for this. I know there is a request for information. On this issue of the telephone monitoring system, for me it is also a stopper, a silly thing there.

On the 30th of December, Mr. signed the nomination of heads of Revenue for embassies. Was it Bolsonaro’s request? The president asked me. The president, on his way to the airport, sent me a message saying that they had decrees —in addition to these, there were others related to the economic area—, for me to sign. And I, out of loyalty and duty, did so. I was acting president, it was up to me. Now, whether it had been agreed, or not, was not a matter for me to bring up for discussion.

Two of the servers are also being investigated for alleged action to ease the punishment of the person responsible for leaking confidential information about Bolsonaro’s enemies. Mr. Do you see a connection between this case and the nominations? No… What I see was like a prize, right? When you send a public servant out of the country, it’s a prize. Firstly, because having the happiness of living outside Brazil fulfilling a mission for the country is something that enhances your role as a servant. Secondly, because there is a good pecuniary difference, right? That’s good for the family. So I saw it as a prize, nothing more than that. From someone who did a service to the nation.

But Mr. Do you think they were rewarded for this tax debauchery? I think they must have been awarded for the work they did during President Bolsonaro’s government. Even because this investigation we do not know if it really happened.

The PT wants to change article 142 of the Constitution to end the GLO. What did mr. he thinks? The constitutional mission is clear. The Guarantee of Law and Order is at the initiative of any of the constituted Powers. So withdrawing is not going to change anything because there is no other capable force. It’s no use dreaming about the national guard, about who knows what, because that will never get off the ground. How can I tell you, it’s just to set the playground on fire. Nothing more than that.

The government is preparing a PEC to ban active-duty military personnel from political positions. What do you think of the proposal? In reality, she wants to treat the military like second-class citizens. The legislation is very clear: if the military is going to run for an elected office, he will have to join a political party […] and go on leave [na Força].

‘Ah, active-duty soldiers cannot hold a government position.’ Why can’t he? If you have a person in the Army, Navy or Air Force with specific competence for a position, are you going to stop using that server that we, the nation, trained, got the means for him to study and improve? ‘No, I’ll leave this guy here, he’s only good for going to war.’

But it is also an internal reaction, from the Forces themselves. No. The Forces, as far as I know, are not concerned about that.

The Military Statute says that the military must ‘abstain, in inactivity, from the use of hierarchical designations in party-political activities’, but Mr. continues to present himself as General Mourão. No. My name in the Senate, what is it?

On your social networks is ‘General Mourão’. My name in the Senate is Hamilton Mourão, and it was under that name that I ran. It was not under the name of General Mourão.

But on social media it remains as ‘General Mourão’. It’s that story: general I will always be. And the article is very clear: it does not forbid it, it says ‘must abstain’. If it was banned, no one could use it. It’s an ethical question and I, within my professional ethics, when I became a candidate, I removed the name ‘general’.

What a swing Mr. What about the participation of the military in the Bolsonaro government? The military that were called by President Bolsonaro to compose the government, for the most part, were from the reserve. Things always fall on Army people. the minister Bento [Albuquerque] he was Minister of Mines and Energy while serving as Admiral and this was never mentioned because he is from the Navy. Goes unnoticed. Now the [Luiz Eduardo] branches, the [Eduardo] Pazuello, this group was mentioned almost daily, and because it is from the Army.

Why mr. Do you think they always remember the Army? The Army is the big brother, right? It is the Army that welcomes everyone, which is present in every corner of the country. The Navy is very concentrated in Rio de Janeiro and in some other capitals. The Air Force is more spread out, but it shows up in its humanitarian missions.

So mr. Do you think this is not connected to an Army image crisis or to 1964? No. I think the Army doesn’t have to be loved or wanted. The Army has to be feared. That’s what it exists for.

Feared internally? Internal is respect; external, feared.

The leader of the PT in the Senate, Jaques Wagner (BA), told Folha that the military’s resistance to Lula comes from the brainwashing carried out by Lava Jato. Mr. see any parallels? I disagree with my dear friend Senator Jaques Wagner. The issue is very clear: President Lula was tried and convicted of corruption in three instances. After, [a condenação] was undone because the trial should not have started in Curitiba, but in Brasília. He was tried and convicted, that nobody can sweep under the rug.

There was also suspicion about who judged him. O [Sergio] Moro was a suspect? And the three judges of the TRF-4? And the five judges of the STJ? Everyone could have said ‘no, this process does not proceed’. So he wasn’t just a man. Reality is one.

One of the main facts linking car wash services to the Armed Forces is the tweet by former commander Villas Bôas on the eve of Lula’s trial at the STF. Mr. do you think it was appropriate? I think it was. It was simply an alert from the Army commander. Did the STF feel pressured? If you felt pressured, you would feel pressured ad aeternum [para sempre].

An alert for what? An alert to a real fact of a person who had been effectively convicted.

X-RAY | Hamilton Mourao, 70

He is a senator for Rio Grande do Sul, an army reserve general and former vice-president of the Republic in the Bolsonaro government. He attended the Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras, an army officer training school, and was a military commander in the south.

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