unusual flavors at the Bom Gourmet Festival

unusual flavors at the Bom Gourmet Festival

Sharin combines Indian cuisine with touches of modernity and creativity. Opened in 1999, it won the palate and recognition of the people of Rio Grande do Sul, receiving awards from several specialized publications. The atmosphere is romantic and welcoming, with personalized cutlery and crockery, soft light, as well as furniture, sculptures and decorations brought from India. “Sharin is a restaurant that seeks to offer a unique experience to its customers, both in terms of flavor and decoration,” says chef Alexandre Sharin.

The restaurant is one of the participants in the 2nd Bom Gourmet Porto Alegre Festival, which brings together 15 of the best restaurants in the city. “The Bom Gourmet Festival is a chance to showcase our contemporary and creative cuisine. We want to surprise and delight our customers with our dishes, which are made with exotic spices and quality ingredients”, says the chef.

Sharin’s cuisine fuses the flavors of India, Asia and Europe. The chef uses exotic spices, such as curry, cardamom, ginger and cinnamon, to give a special and unique touch to his dishes. Furthermore, the restaurant has an Indian tandoor oven, where delicious typical Indian breads, such as naan and paratha, are prepared. “The restaurant’s cuisine is like contemporary art, we are always innovating and adapting our cuisine”, adds Sharin.

Check out Sharin’s menu at the Bom Gourmet Porto Alegre Festival!


O Bom Gourmet Festival it’s in 2nd edition of the year in Porto Alegre and takes place until the day December 3guaranteeing unique experiences in 15 restaurants of the city. O biggest gastronomic event in the south of the country has exclusive and complete menus – with starter, main course and dessert – fixed prices in R$89.90, R$109.90 and R$129.90.

In Paraná, the Bom Gourmet Festival It has been held for eight years, with two editions per year in the capital of Paraná. The event has also arrived in Santa Catarina, with two editions in Balneário Camboriú and one in Florianópolis. It is a project that is popular with the public and sales, with around 100 thousand menus served annually, carried out by Pininnovation arm of People’s Gazette.

A 2nd edition has the institutional support of City Hallthrough the Events Directorate, the Abrasel Rio Grande do Sul (Brazilian Association of Bars and Restaurants), from Sindha (Hosting and Food Union of POA and Region), from Porto Alegre and Metropolitan Region Convention & Visitors Bureau and from FoodCo.Brazil.


Address: Rua Felipe Neri, 332 – Bairro Auxiliadora
Opening hours – Monday to Saturday from 7pm to 11:30pm
Telephone: (51 980630411)
Instagram: @restaurante_sharin

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