Service for carrying out highly complex exams in Manaus

Service for carrying out highly complex exams in Manaus


The implementation of mobile units aims to reduce the high demand in Manaus hospitals

Manaus (AM) – Seeking to reinforce services in large hospitals in the state public network of Manaus, the State Department of Health of Amazonas (SES-AM) now has two Mobile Imaging Units, to carry out highly complex exams. With the help of the trucks, waiting times and queues for exams will be further reduced.

The forecast is that, daily, in both mobile units, around 250 to 300 appointments will be carried out per day, which totals approximately 5,500 tests per month.

The first trailer is intended for carrying out tomography only. The imaging exam has a multidisciplinary team, made up of a radiologist and complete technical assistance professionals, including those for making diagnoses.

The truck is currently carrying out procedures at the 28 de Agosto Hospital and Emergency Room, supporting the health unit.

The Secretary of State for Health, Anoar Samad, highlights that this is yet another strategy by the State Government aimed at intensifying the performance of imaging tests.

“This is another initiative by Governor Wilson Lima, advancing with technology and new strategies to better serve the population”

points out the secretary.

The other mobile unit will also carry out highly complex exams, such as ultrasound, mammography and complementary exams according to the demand of the units and the regulatory system.

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