Understand the Antony case according to the investigation – 09/15/2023 – Sports

Understand the Antony case according to the investigation – 09/15/2023 – Sports

In June 2023, TV Globo revealed that an investigation was underway into domestic violence against football player Antony, 23, from Manchester United, who was released by São Paulo.

The victim would be DJ and digital influencer Gabriela Cavallin, 22, then the athlete’s girlfriend, who filed a police report in Brazil and asked the court for protective measures.

Authorities in England were also informed about the alleged attacks. This is because part of them would have occurred in that country, and part in Brazil.

After the player was called up by the national team this month, Gabriela gave an interview to UOL. She shared images, audios and messages that, according to her, prove the attacks.

After the publication of the report, Antony was recalled by coach Fernando Diniz and removed by Manchester United for an indefinite period. Information also emerged that two more women accused the athlete of assault.

How is the investigation going?

According to documents obtained by Sheet and police officers participating in the investigation interviewed by the report, the SP Civil Police works with the possibility that there is only one victim, Gabriela Cavallin, but, even so, sees the need to check the story told by her.

None of the 11 witnesses named by the alleged victim and interviewed by the Brazilian police confirmed having witnessed physical violence, false imprisonment or death threats. Gabriela’s lawyer states that new names will be taken to the investigation to be heard.

The main clues would be in the exchanges of messages and photos given to the police by Gabriela, but it is still necessary to contextualize the conversations and confirm the dates of the photos.

For example: there is disagreement about the content of a message delivered by the victim to the police according to expert Wanderson Castilho, hired by the player’s defense to analyze the conversations. In the conversation, a speech by Antony in which he denies Gabriela’s accusations was removed, according to the professional.

The image below shows the exchange of messages displayed by Gabriela’s defense.

The following image was shared by expert Wanderson Castilho, indicating the subtraction of the phrase “yes, everything is a lie”, written by Antony.

Alleged cases of aggression involving Antony:

Gabriela Cavallin, 22, DJ and influencer

Is there an inquiry? Yes. (see details below)

The victim accuses Antony of a series of attacks in Brazil and abroad.

(see details below)

What the player says: the accusations are false.

Ingrid Lana, 33, banker

Is there an inquiry? No.

The victim said she was attacked when she denied having sex with the player in England. She did not record any type of incident, but gave interviews on the subject.

What the player says: the accusation is false, and he will sue her.

Audio of Ingrid released by people linked to Antony weakens the version told by her. In the recording, she defends the player and says she warned him about Gabriela’s bad intentions.

The player himself shared on social media reproductions of conversations with the woman via messaging app in which the alleged victim claims to have had sexual relations with the player. Ingrid claims that the messages were manipulated. According to her lawyer, however, the bank does not intend to sue Antony at this time and just wants to unlink his name from the player.

The same expert who analyzed Antony’s exchange of messages with Gabriela rules out this possibility of manipulation in the content of his conversations with Ingrid.

Rayssa de Freitas, 25, student

Is there an inquiry? No.

The alleged victim has not spoken publicly. The suspicions are based on a police report registered in May 2022 with the São Paulo Civil Police. The registration was not made by Rayssa, but by a police officer who helped the woman. Antony is not qualified in the document and only has his first name mentioned as a participant in the alleged aggression.

Another record about the same case, registered by Mallu Ohanna Neves Rodrigues (ex-wife of fellow Palmeiras player Dudu), has a different version. Mallu says that she was in the back seat of a vehicle (driven by Antony) and that Rayssa, drunk, started offending and attacking everyone.

What the player says: the fight involved two women, and he was just the driver of the vehicle.

The attacks narrated by Gabriela and what the Police Inquiry says


June 1, 2022

The victim says he was attacked in a nightclub, Vitrine Lounge, in the south of São Paulo. Antony, out of jealousy, allegedly pulled her hair and shook her arm. There were no injuries reported.

Gabriela named security guard Jefferson da Silva and hairdresser Rafael Mota Silva as witnesses to the attack, who was allegedly the driver of the car she was forced to get into by her boyfriend.

Heard by the police, both witnesses denied having seen physical aggression.

Jefferson returned to the police to give a second statement, according to him after receiving a message and phone call from Gabriela accusing him of lying.

In the second statement, he said he reaffirmed everything he had said previously and repeated the answer given to Gabriela: “I’m not with you or Antony, I’m just with the truth.”

What Antony says:

“[…] states that, during the entire period she was at Vitrine Lounge, there were no problems with her, little was said about her. In the car, Gabriela started to get upset and fight with the declarant, stating that he could not have gone to the club without her without informing her that she was pregnant with his child and deserved respect; ‘it would end his life’ [sic]”.


The victim had a miscarriage at 17 weeks pregnant with Antony’s supposed child.

The discovery that the fetus was dead took place on July 21, 2022. Gabriela says that the episode that occurred at the nightclub and the stress experienced at the time contributed to the abortion.

Excerpts of messages attached to the Antony and Grabiela inquiry say that:

Two weeks before losing her son, the influencer went to court asking for a monthly allowance of R$60,600 during the pregnancy and, after the birth, alimony in the same amount.

At the time, the influencer stated that she was separated from the player and that the food prices were based on financial aid received at the time.

What Antony says:

“is absolutely certain that the loss of the baby was due to health issues of the pregnant woman and/or the fetus, having no correlation with the discussion that took place between him and Gabriela on 06/01/2023, even as a result of the there was an extensive time lapse between the facts”.


The victim says that on January 15, 2023, she was attacked again, in Manchester.

According to her, she suffered bruises, a cut on her head and dislocation of her breast implants.

Two doctors from Manchester went to see her, at the player’s request.

An excerpt from her conversation with Antony, attached to the police investigation, indicates that the doctor cited the need for breast surgery due to the displacement of the prosthesis.

Due to the displacement, according to the victim, surgical intervention was necessary.

What Antony says:

He met with Gabriela in the hotel room, and they discussed it. Gabriela allegedly went “to the point of holding him by the face and physically attacking him, with scratches and kicks to the leg.”

“The declarant clarifies that he was injured as a result of Gabriela’s aggressive attitude, however, he did not require medical attention.” “That, on several previous occasions, Gabriela complained of pain in her breasts, stating that, in the past, she had suffered a fall in the bathroom.”


Gabriela Cavallin told the São Paulo police that, in one of Antony’s episodes of aggression, she suffered a blow to the chest that caused the silicone prosthesis to dislodge. Therefore, she would have been forced to undergo breast corrective surgery with a doctor in the interior of the state.

According to a police report obtained by Sheet, which is part of the investigation, there is no record of recent rotation of the prosthesis in Gabriela’s medical records. The only information about this problem is from May 2020, a time when she had not yet met the attacker in person.

At the time, there was a diagnosis of the need for corrective surgery, but, according to the document and the influencer’s defense, the girl preferred not to undergo it.

The recent problem that took Gabriela to the doctor in March 2023, according to the medical record, would be the “complaint of sagging breasts” and the “desire for better abdominal definition”. The reason for the sagging breast, according to the doctor, would be “heavy prosthesis”.

As a result, the expert concluded in the document, through indirect examination, that, due to a time lapse between the recording of a rotation of the prosthesis in May 2020 and sagging breasts in March 2023, “it is not possible to ascertain the cause of the displacement of the prosthesis”.

Therefore, the police report indicates that it is not possible to confirm that there was an attack on the girl’s physical integrity.

Lawyer Daniel Bialski, who represents Gabriela, stated in a note that, after the 2020 injury, no surgical procedure was necessary and the problem was corrected in another doctor’s office.

This record, however, is not included in the police investigation.


According to the victim, she was attacked again in February 2023, with kicks, punches, pushes and hair pulling, leaving her with bruises.

The attacks were allegedly witnessed by friend Jhessey Fabarotti, who went to London to take an English course in the city. Gabriela also named Clayton and João, Antony’s friends, as witnesses.

Jhessey told the police that the victim confided in intimacies about her relationship with Antony and that her friend described the relationship as “troubled”, because he “expressed a lot of jealousy”, “especially about past relationships”.

She denied seeing Antony physically attack her. She only saw her once being called a “slut” by her boyfriend. She also said she saw the player break Gabriela’s objects.

João and Clayton also denied seeing the player attacking the alleged victim.


The fourth and final physical attack narrated by the victim in the investigation would have occurred on May 8 of this year. She said she suffered a cut on her finger when Antony threw a glass at her.

Excerpt from her message with her mother indicates aggression.

All the witnesses heard in the case, including the player’s mother and stepfather, deny that he threw the cup in the direction of his girlfriend. They claim it was an accident.

Excerpt from Cremilda Maria Prudêncio Lima’s testimony, explains what it would have been like.

Marcelo Bezerra, Antony’s stepfather, was at his wife’s side in the episode, presenting the same version.

Other witnesses:

João Victor Soares Costa, Clayton da Silva Cabral, both friends of the player, and Fernando Roberto Silva, a physiotherapist, denied having seen attacks or false imprisonment.

Marcelo Rebouças, a ticket seller (who sent a ticket for Gabriela to return to Brazil), denied knowledge of physical violence by the player against the woman.

Maria Francisco da Silva, the victim’s mother, said that her daughter told her about four attacks by her boyfriend. She said she spoke to her daughter the night of the cup episode.


Gabriela says that, already in Brazil, she was threatened by Antony in a phone call on May 20th. The player would have said that “if he saw her with someone else, he would kill her” (version given in the first statement) or attack her if she “saw her with someone else” (version given in the second statement).

The DJ said that it would be easy for the player to get a gun because he had money and “was born in a community, and still has many friends in the community”.

The victim named an employee of hers as a witness.

Ana Lúcia Bota, a day laborer, told the police that she does not remember any threatening calls from Antony and that she never saw this happen.

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